I'd feard as much. The signs were all there, or, in this case, were not there. But I didn't want to believe it.

Meyer's Delicatessen has been around since forever (or 53 years, which, in a hot and happening, up and coming area like Lincoln Square where almost everything is new and shiny and cool and trendy may as well be forever). It is, was, an institution. It helped define our awesome little neighborhood.

And it had the best swiss cheese and homemade rye bread EVER.

And now.

It's gone.

This is sad news for JoJo.

About two months ago I noticed the gates were closed on a Friday morning about 9AM when I wanted to get a loaf of land brot for Shannon. It was odd. The gates never reopened.

Yesterday I walked by and a group of workers was carrying the big cooler cases out and lining them up on the sidewalk. For a split second I wondered if I could buy one, just to have a piece of Meyer's around. My dad used to take me there when I was little and the neighborhood was greatly German. He'd brave the lines there once in a while on a Sunday morning (their busiest time) to get stuff for his mom as a treat, a rememberance of Austria. It's funny how attached you can get to a place like Meyer's. Walking in there was like walking into another part of world. Ordering sulze online just won't be the same.

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Shannon Riordan said...

This blows.

I'll miss being able to walk in, hear German being spoken and pick up a loaf of really, really good bread. I just can't believe the new owner was able to drive this place out of business (it was always packed when I went there). Egad.

Guess we'll have to gear up for super-duper death marches, Jo. The only other place I know where I can get German bread is in Lincoln Park.