The Earth's Temperature Has Gone Up To 11

Spinal Tap reunited last Saturday to help raise awareness about global warming at London's Live Earth concert. I've been trying to find you a video of their performance, but I've been outta luck!

All I've been able to find are two crummy lines from the song "Warmer Than Hell" that they wrote specifically to raise awareness about global warming. Spinal Tap fans are world-renowned to be environmentally conscious.

"Our new song takes the view of the Devil coming to Britain and remarking on how warm it is," Spinal Tap bassist Derek Smalls told Reuters ahead of the gig.

"The devil went to Devon, it felt like the fourth degree
He said, 'Is it hot in here, or is it only me?'"

That second line was lifted from the discarded "Burn the Witch" song from Spamalot, incidentally. David St. Hubbins thought it was just too good to throw away.

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evandebacle said...

Anthropogenic warming has caused Spinal Tap's drummers to reach their flash points for decades. It's about time someone started listening.