Forgotten "Forgotten English" Calendar

I haven't updated my rip-a-day Forgotten English calendar since Monday, June 25 (yes, of this year, smart-ass!).

Having a touch of OCD and being my father's daughter, I couldn't just throw away the pages from then until now without reading them first:

"June 25
Word of the Day: Camp-ruly
Definition: Contentious, quarrelsome; Scotch."


Rev Transit said...

Camp-ruly is so forgotten that there are only a few Google-hits for it, including this blog, already.

It's obvious why this word has been forgotten. The Scotch long ago ceased being contentious or quarrelsome.

Nonetheless, anyone I find using the word will have made an enemy for life.*

*Unless it's used to describe one of the Scots' traditional enemies-- which would be just everybody, I guess.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Another Scottish word today:

"Hang-choice - The position of a person who is compelled to choose between two evils. - William Whitney's Century Dictionary, 1889"

"The term is evidently borrowed from the idea of hanging, or the gallows, being the only alternative, as opposed to something scarcely less appealing. John Jamieson's Etymological Scottish Dictionary, 1808"

Jamieson...Jamieson... is that the one who started drinking, then later brewing, whiskey to avoid the very wrong choice of making an enemy of a Riordan-by-marriage?