If I Had $500 Dollars....

...and I was a really clever hacker so I could activate the video and music features without activating the phone thus circumventing the steep monthly fee...

I went to the Apple store at Northbrook Court on my lunch break to play with the new iPhone.

Because it was there.

(not my hand - my nails are far shorter from my bitin' em!)

Sooo awwwwwwwwwwwesooooommmmmmme.

The part I like most about it is the screen. The touch screen was smooth and easy to use - very user-friendly, and the resolution was amazing. I wouldn't need the phone, so I have absolutely NO interest in buying one of these simply because you have to switch to ATT/Cingular and buy into a 2-3 year contract, activate the phone, and pay a monthly if you want to so much as use the music or video features. We live in a cellular black hole of sorts, and Cingular doesn't cut it, so that alone was a deal breaker. Even with Verizon I have to wander around the apartment until I can hear the person I'm speaking with pretty clearly, then proceed to position myself like a 1970s TV antenna until I get the best reception.

That said, it's a REALLY cool device. The screen resolution is amazing, and it's the perfect size. If/when it comes out as a video iPod - preferably with wireless capability so you can surf while sipping a latte at Cafeneo - I might just have to get one. The screen...the screen was...it was like....it was amazing.

This is the video I will always remember as the first I ever watched on an iPhone.
In fact, it looks even better on the iPhone than it does here.

CAUTION: There is some nasty language.

And a little late: here's a lovely little bit of comeuppance from the day the iPhones were released.
Thank you, E!


Matt Stratton said...

It's actually not that "steep" of a monthly fee. It's the same cost as any other smartphone.

That being said...I'm waiting a while before getting one, mostly because I'm still on contract with T-Mo. And because I figure in about six to 8 months they'll be better.

I did play with my friend Brian's though, and it's dead sexy.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

For a phone the fee is reasonable - I just don't want the phone bit. I'd love to buy one of these things with only the music and video - throw in wifi capability and I'll be a happy happy gal!

It is a beautiful thang.

I just got my seeeester a teeny tiny blue shuffle. It is SO flipping cute! I think I need the orange one. No, no, strike that - I KNOW I need an orange one. To tide me over to when the iPhone goes phone-less! And because it's orange.Okay, mostly because it's orange...

is it wrong?

Shannon said...

"It's actually not that "steep" of a monthly fee. It's the same cost as any other smartphone."

Yes. And any other smartphone also has steep monthly fees. :)