I's Just Gots One Of Those Faces, I Guess...

I get asked all this question all of the time "Where do I know you from......? I know you from somewhere...." and in the most EXTREME cases, I've had a strangers ask me for autographs, or stare at me open mouthed with an "OHMYGOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE IN MY STORE!!!" sort of look on their face. I really wish I could figure out how to profit from this, but I haven't sorted it out yet.

Aside from "Are you John's sister?" "Weren't you my Connie's roommate at Drake?" "Do you work at Heaven on Seven?" "Aren't you Sarah's daughter?" "How'd that Metamucil work for you last week?" (I NEVER buy Metamucil! ..okayokayokay. I never bought it from her or even from that store!) and "The usual?" (Huh? Um, I've never eaten here before...what should my usual be, exactly?) I often get compared to screen personalities. I've figured out that, aside from Jenna Elfman, they're all brunettes with brown eyes, which is interesting because I've dyed my hair every shade of red for the better part of 16 years (my eyes are brown, though!)

Neve Campbell
(Mark - sober)

Parker Posey
(Mark after 2 gin martinis)

Hillary Swank
(two girls at CVS who were trying to decide who I looked like "...Sandra Bullock!" "No she doesn't! She looks like Hillary Swank! She totally does!" "Don't say that - it's rude!" I didn't think it was rude, Hillary! I was quite flattered. Unless they were talking about your look in Boys Don't Cry....but I rarely wear flannel.)

This cat
(must be the bob cut. )

Mia Hamm
(when I brought my film in to a Wolf's Camera to be developed, mind you this is 7 years ago, the teenager behind the counter just stared at me. I started to get a little nervous, because he looked a little scared. "Ummm....when can I expect these back?" "Huh? Oh, uh...are you Mia Hamm?" "*laugh!* NO!" "Oh, okay. How about Wednesday after 5?")

John Leguizamo
(must be the 'too. That is one COOL-ASS 'too!)

Jenna Elfman
("....NAH!!!" "Nonono, wait wait wait! It's totally the attitude, not the look." John and Mark - stoned, who then proceeded to call me "Dharma" for...it's been 8 years now. Cut it out.)

Thankfully, though, not Danny Elfman (no offence, Danny!), although I love to use that evil smile in some of my characters in improv, or to get Shannon to do something for me out of

Miranda (far left)
My Sex-In-The-City personality match (also my Sex-in-the-City hairstyle match)

Sandra Bullock
(this actually may have landed me one of my previous jobs).
I actually had two people ask me for "my" autograph, thinking I was Sandra Bullock a few years ago - one in Chicago, at a Starbucks I think, and a trucker in New York. Sorry, Darren - that autograph you're trying to sell on E-Bay for $3.00 + 17.99 shipping/handling is not authentic.

Posh Spice
(must be the hair - it's definitely not the size -14 physique!...actually, I just don't get this one....but thanks!)

And most recently Nat Gastiain (Natalia) Tena.

Matt, I totally think it was the purple hair in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - my hair was almost exactly the same shade about a month ago (Accidentally! I swear!)

The best part about this is I'm getting younger all the time - Tena was born in 1984! SWEET! Those spells of Nymphadora's that I've been tinkering with are working! I'm sure glad I picked up that orange wand last time I visited Diagon Alley. Powerful stuff is the stuff of orange, apparently!

So if you put all these together....okay, I don't know what you'd get, but she'd have one killer tattoo!


Shannon said...

You're a dead ringer for my wife!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

It's gotta be the purple hair!

Matt Stratton said...

I also think that you look like the illustration of Mara Jade on the cover of Timothy Zahn's book "Vision of the Future", but not exactly the same.

Maybe you're Mara Jade's cousin or something.

And Carrie totally agreed with me in the theater when I said "doesn't Tonks look like Jolene?" She said "yes, now shhhh!"

A ringing endorsement.

Rev Transit said...

You have one of the seven standard faces.