The Last of the Tendrils of Illusion Dissipates Into Nothingness

I bought my gas almost exclusively at BP. I know all gasoline is pretty close to the same, but I went to BP for two reasons: I had gone to Amoco before it was bought out by BP, and BP stood for British Petroleum, which sounds, well, British! Being the anglophile I am, and having lived a half mile from a BP in Headington where I bought all my crisps and Cadbury bars, I have been partial, if not exclusively loyal, to BP for YEARS.

My illusions about this company being all green and good and speaking in crisp English accents vanished this past weekend when I found out that Indiana will be allowing BP to dump more crap - ammonia and industrial sludge - into Lake Michigan. Way to go, Indiana! Oh! And what does Indiana get in return for the $3.8 million expansion it's allowing that will create all this extra waste?

80 new jobs. No, I'm not missing a zero or a comma - 80. New. Jobs.

I'm going to have to cut the cord with BP and find a new station to be loyal to. Any suggestions?

I wish I could boycott Indiana, too, but I have to use it to get to other places. At least they now accept the I-Pass. Once drivers learn to read the words "CASH ONLY" thereby freeing up the I-Pass, E-Z Pass, and I-Zoom lanes, I'll be able to get outta the "Crossroads State" even more quickly!

"Crossroads"...."crossroads"....isn't that where the devil gets ya?

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Rev Transit said...

I'm boycotting BP with you in solidarity.