The Last of the Last Bowie Posts

No, really, for serious.

Shannon and I rented Extras Season 2 through NetCrack and watched all three episodes on disc 1 last night. The Orlando Bloom episode was the best, but this segment with David Bowie almost put me on the floor laughing:

Here's some of the Orlando Bloom bit:

Other highlights thus far include: Kate Winslet dressed as a nun smoking and saying vulgar things, my favorite being "purple-headed womb ferret," and Daniel Radcliff having to beg back his "pro-fo-lack-...TIC" from Dame Diana Rigg (see below):

Oh, yes - and everything out of Patrick Stewart's mouth. It's a toss up between this one and the Orlando Bloom episode for my favorite so far:


Matt Stratton said...

I saw the first episode of Extras on HBO (I think it was the Kate Winslet one, so maybe it wasn't the "first"), and I also saw the Daniel Radcliffe one, which I loved.

Was the Kate Winslet episode also the one where his agent messes around with the headpiece on his cell phone when trying to take a call? That was a brilliant moment.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

That may have been the same episode, but I'm not sure. The agent is hilarious. As painful to watch as David Brent and Gareth Keenan all rolled into one.

Millman: "So that's done, I can forget about that, I've got my best man on it. Just make sure the phone's plugged in."
Lamb: "You joke, but it was off once for two days... no one noticed."

peppersalt said...

so funny