Not To Be Confused With "Momster:"

sildenafil citrate molecule ___________ goat gland molecule

(7-8 July, 2007 rip-a-day word of the day from Jeffrey Kacirk's Forgotten English calendar)

"To treat illness without knowledge in skill in medicine." (used in Devon and Cornwall).

Trivia bit of the Day associated with this word:

"Birthday of John Romulus" (brother of Jack Remus?) "Brinkley (1885-1942), the king of American quackery. After obtaining a 2-year medical degree from Eclectic Medical University, a Kansas City diploma mill, he began practicing in Milford, Kansas. An early scam of his involved injecting patients with distilled water to "increase their vigor." He treated one tired old farmer who asked whether the doctor might consider implanting goat glands into him. Brinkley initially rejected the idea, but soon afterward transplanted several glands from a Toggenberg goat into the farmer's scrotum. Two weeks later, the man claimed a complete rejuvenation, and even sired a son, whom he appropriately named "Billy." This launched Brinkley's career as a purveyor of goat glands to the weary, for which he charged $750 cash. By 1920 the Brinkley Clinic - with its herd of unsuspecting goats penned in back - was thriving. Brinkley's clinics continued to install glands in the gullible until their founder's death, raking in over $12 million in fees."

$12 MILLION? In 1942? Gives you an idea of how much Pfizer is raking in with it's happy blue pill.