OrangeMoJoJo's Favorite Commercial EVER

NBC banned this ad, aired during the coverage of the 2000 Olympics, after angry (and apparently really, really stupid) viewers called to complain about it being "tasteless and exploitative." More "exploitative" than, say a beer ad? It features Olympic distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton badly parodying a slasher flick. I say "badly" because she succeeds in not getting herself slashed. And she's wearing a sports bra, not some boob-squishing cleavage enhancer that makes her boobs bounce as they do in beer ads. I would rather see ads like this than ANY beer ad ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, including a Friday like this one, far, far from Halloween.

A far-belated KUDOS!! to Nike for daring to make this ad.

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Shannon said...

Yeah, this is a good one. And I don't say that very often about commercials. I still have a hard time imaging how anyone could be offended by this ad - unless they don't like the idea of ass-kickingly strong women.