World's Creepiest Couple

Meet Burt and Linda Pugach

They've been married 32 years!

The setting is 1959. It's a lovely story of married boy meets girl, boy becomes obsessed, girl decides the relationship is not healthy so she leaves boy and gets engaged to someone else, boy goes batshit crazy and hires a thug comes to girl's house dressed as a deliveryman and hurls lye in her face. Girl is blinded, girl presses charges, boy is incarcerated for 14 years, girl marries boy when he's released from jail, girl defends boy in court 23 years later when he threatens his mistress, boy and girl make a movie about their wonderful life together, the ups the downs .... the batshit craziness...

There's a movie out about them. Starring: Them. I tell you what - I have no interest, no interest whatsoever, in watching it. I hope I never. Hear about. Either of them. Again. I think this may be the most repulsive thing I've heard in a looooooooooong time, and considering Bush and Cheney are still in office, that's saying a LOT. I feel guilty even posting about this, but it's so freaking beyond my ken...I saw a talk show while I was in Indy and these two were guests on the show. They were bickering like any normal married couple about, well, everything. She was doing most of the bickering. If she is NOT resentful, she is freaking insane.

She, in her huge black glasses, said she'd consented to marry him 32 years ago because she was "damaged goods." She never dated after he was incarcerated, because she was "damaged goods." He wrote her letters every day from jail, and by the time he was released, she was "in love. He looked so handsome after he got out of jail."



How the hell would she know what he looked like?? He blinded her! Did she forget the part where he blinded her? Her response, at BEST, should have been"I forgive him for blinding me, but if his ass comes within 5000 FEET of me, I'll pop a cap in his head. No, wait, since he blinded me, I'll hire the thug he hired to blind me do it for me."


Rev Transit said...

You just don't recognize true love when it confronts you. They sound like they're perfect for each other, actually.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

They do, that! This couple, well, it's just one of those things I could have happily gone through life not knowing about.