My bad. I've totally been out-dorked on the Tolkien front

Check out the rockin' Legolas. He's traded his bow for an axe.

I really need to brush up on my Old English

I used to be able to read this without the translation!!

But then, I'd also taught myself some Tolkien-ian Elvish. You know, enough to get by in Rivendell.

I can't tell you how excited I got when I found this Website for those wanting to study Old English.

Oh, yeah. I can out-dork you Any. Day. Of the week. Bring it on!


Signs #146, 147, and 148 That I Really Want To Go Back to School

#146: I actually got mad at a at 36-year-old character in a book who was "forced" to go back to college to pick up a mere 8 credits he needed to earn his lifetime certificate. He was miserable throughout the 5 week experience. He consoled himself by reminding himself that once he'd survived those 5 weeks he'd "never have to go back!" FOOL!! *shakes fist!!!* I'd KILL to "have to" go back for 80 credits!

#147: I was listening to an interview with Phillip Seymour Hoffman (an actor so brilliant I actually saw Mission Impossible 3 JUST BECAUSE HE WAS IN IT, and for far too short a time, I might add!) and the interviewer turned the interview to the topic of Capote (incidentally, my favorite film of 2005). Hoffman made two observations - one obvious and one that made me go "hmmmmm! There may be a paper there!" The first observation was that Capote fell in love with Perry Smith - one of the two murderers - while visiting him and interviewing him in jail. The reader of In Cold Blood will definitely feel the author's love for Perry, but it didn't seem as clear to me in the movie.

Capote didn't finish In Cold Blood until after Perry Smith and Dick Hickock were executed. In the movie, Capote becomes more and more drunk and despondent with every appeal and stay of execution, but the viewer feels that he's being incredibly selfish - he does nothing to intervene in the execution and indeed acts as though the delay is costing him dearly because he can't finish the book until Smith and Hickock are dead. They're being terribly inconvenient. This brings me to Hoffman's second "huh!"-inspiring observation: that Capote could not finish In Cold Blood until after Smith and Hickock were dead. Their lives - particularly Smith's - had to be sacrificed for him to complete his work of art. This made me think of another movie, my second favorite of 2006 (after Pan's Labyrinth) - Stranger than Fiction.

In order to write her masterpiece, Karen Eiffel has to kill off her character, IRS agent Harold Crick. She doesn't realize that Harold Crick is indeed a real living human being. Crick finds out what's happening because he can hear her narrating his life, step by step. He finds the narration annoying and unnerving, and of course at first he thinks he may even be going crazy, but when he hears her say that he's going to die, he decides he must find the source of this voice and stop her from killing him off. Dustin Hoffman (another brilliant Hoffman! I'd even saw Ishtar JUST BECAUSE HE WAS IN IT, but in this case, I really want my money back, Hoffman!!) plays a brilliant, coffee-swilling English professor who actually tries to stop Crick from intervening. His argument is: if Crick doesn't die, the book will only be sub-par. If he does, it will be one of the greatest books ever written. A masterpiece. Does life have to be sacrificed for art? When? Discuss. I actually considered writing a paper discussing this topic and comparing the two films. That there is reason #147.

#148 was another paper I briefly considered writing after having two songs take turns running in my head for over a week. I thought a paper comparing the lyrics of David Bowie's "Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)" to those of Dio's "Holy Diver," particularly the lyrics that may have been inspired by Blake's poem, "The Tyger," may be in order.

I believe that last one clearly defines me as a true Shimerian, and it makes me damned proud! Particularly since I'm pretty convinced that Christopher Guest had Dio clearly in mind when writing some of the songs for Spinal Tap.


"Hey, Good Looking! I'll Be Back To Pick You Up Later!"

Thank God for YouTube. NOBODY remembers this commercial! I was beginning to think I'd imagined it, and the memory was so vivid that surely meant I was inSANE.



I'll have to download more pics! I don't have any digital pics of my mom to post! Such a daughter. Does anyone deserve such a daughter?? I'll have to insert one before she gets home from Maine and finds out....




HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTOPH!!! (didn't have a pic so I had to snag this one from the Webbernet - just until I scan that one of you from Plater with your CRAZYHAIR!)




I Think He Would Have Noticed If He'd Been Riding A Bicycle

I was like, how'd he keep pedaling for two miles.... OH! He wasn't riding a bicycle, but a motorbike. If he hadn't noticed he'd lost his leg while riding a bicycle, well that woulda been something!


Until I Download Our Pics from MAINE....

....I snagged one off the Webbernet.

This is, I believe, the only thing I didn't get to see during our week in Maine that I'd really really wanted to - even though I didn't even know it existed until 5 minutes before we got there.

A purrrrrfect blend of three of my four favorite things: ORANGE!!!, coffee, and cats!
If they'd somehow worked Shannon in there, I would have camped out on the doorstep until they opened the next morning.

We didn't get to check it out because it was closed......Or were they only PRETENDING to be closed because they knew I'd plant a flag on it (a'la Russia's stunt at the North Pole) and claim it in the name of me???




Rev Is Mistaken In His Thinking - Part II

(aka: Know your audience)

So, yeah! Sunshine! Brilliant movie! (No pun intended!)

The film develops an increasingly claustrophobic feeling througout as things begin to go increasingly wrong.

Tensions increase as mistakes are made by the overstressed crew members, causing damage to the ship and relations among the crew members.

The conflicts that arise on board the Icarus II are believable and extremely well acted.

Though the crew members are extremely capable and do their jobs, even when this means personal discomfort or even the death of a fellow crewmember. Still, there is always room for human error, and the director, Daniel Boyle, makes the viewer painfully aware of this.

Go see Sunshine, though it may at times be so painful to look on directly.

Rev's Mistaken In His Thinking

Rev, I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy the movie Sunshine. It's a fantastic film - very thought provoking.

The sun is dying. 8 astronauts are sent up in the Icarus 2 to deliver a payload in the form of a bomb the size of Manhattan in a final attempt to re-start the and hopeful
ly save the inhabitants of the Earth. If they don't succeed, the Earth dies. If they do succeed, but the sun doesn't restart, the Earth dies. It's a huge gamble, but the only chance the human race has.

One attempt to reignite the sun has been made before, but that ship, Icarus I, disappeared before the crew could deliver the payload.

The director, Danny Boyle, is the same one who gave us 28 Days Later and Trainspotting - two other very intense, amazing character studies. His grasp of human nature and the effects of stress on personality is uncanny, to say the least.

If there is one movie I'd recommend this summer, it's Sunshine.

Inspired by Extras, Season 2, Disc 2

I couldn't leave ButterNugget without entertainment while we're gone! Here's my very favorite song from the 80's - Nik Kershaw's Wouldn't It Be Good, which was featured in Extras season 2 episode 6

(can we say, a-Ha ripoff?)

and the best video made since Thriller (in my opinion only, I'm aware!), Coldplay's Trouble. (Chris Martin, Extras season 2 episode 4, wanted to use this song in a commercial where celebrities such as himself and Andy Millman helped raise awareness about child hunger. Martin wanted to use the song not so much to raise awareness about child hunger, but to raise awareness that his band, Coldplay, had just released a greatest hits album with this song on it.)

(I wish I could have found a clearer version - sorry!)

See you soon, ButterNugget!

You Can Run, Lobstah, But You Can't Hide!

Looks like a big "thumbs up!" to me!
...Glad we're not going to Florida.

OrangeBlog will be very very quiet this next week as we'll be in MAINE!!!

  1. Eat lobstah roll
  2. Finish rereading book 4 and reread books 5 and 6 of Harry Pottah
  3. Eat lobstah
  4. Hike Old Speck
  5. Eat lobstah-encrusted lobstah
  6. Shop at at least 7 L.L. Bean outlets
  7. Eat lobstah over lobstah cakes
  8. Swim in the pond
  9. Sip a refreshing lobstah shake
  10. Listen to the loons (of the avian, Buttress, and 'rental variety)
  11. Munch on lobstah crackers dipped in lobstah dip
  12. Have nightmares of running out of butter worthy of a Stephen King short story about a scary scary monstah
  13. Eat lobstah smothered in lobstah sauce with a side of lobstah
I may even make lobstah cookies!

"....may substitute 2 pounds lobstah chunks for chocolate chips, if desired."

WARNING!! Though you may find it adorable, oh dwellers of Maine, to dress your kids or pets as lobstahs, I beg you not to do so until after we leave on the 11th. I cannot be held responsible if all you can find of little Timmy or Mr. Dinkels is a pipe-cleaner antenna sitting in a pool of butter.

Mr Dinkels may be safe - he's a little on the thin side

Hello, Timmy! *droooooooooooool*

While you're at it, you'd better take precautions keep yourself safe from Shannon's maw, too!

John Linnell of They Might Be Giants song, Maine, has going through my head all morning. I've attached the lyrics below so you can sing along:

Relaxing on my hands and knees
Relaxing on my face
Reclining in the bear trap of its tender, warm embrace
Glazed with coniferous green
Glazed with excitement and dread
Exhausted from oversleep
Awake but still in bed
Shaving razor's rusty but the sting brings you exactly back to

Is the world that went south
Is a punch in the mouth
Maine at the top of the chart
Has crushed my evil heart

Is the devil you know
Is the heaven below
At the top of the chart
Has crushed my evil heart

I love you anyway (I love you anyway)
I promise there's no other state (there's no other state)
But only if you stay away (but only if you leave)
And leave me to my ugly state (me to my ugly state)

And give me back my evil heart so I can see you as you aren't

Is the world that went south
Is a punch in the mouth
At the top of the chart
Has crushed my evil heart

Is the poison you love
Is the hell from above
At the top of the chart
Has crushed my evil heart


I'm just destined not to like the Cubs

I'm happy for a few choice Cubs fans today - friends who deserve happiness and find happiness when the Cubs win, I really am happy for you guys. Cubs took first place in the central division! But just as I was about to give the Cubs a chance and maybe actually go see one of their games, I read an interview in with their misogynistic asshole of a coach, Lou Pinella.

From Newsweek: CORRECTION!! This was an interview from The New York Times. I'm going through a ton of back issues of magazines and newspapers that I just can't throw away without looking at, no matter HOW old they are, 'specially if I've paid for 'em. Got that habit from my dad.

"It might be nice if baseball moved into the future by including more women in its ranks. Do you think a woman could be a good manager?

Pinella: "If she had a good bench coach, why not? I would think she would need a good hardened professional baseball guy that would help her with the x's and o's during the ballgame. Someone who knew the intricacies in and out of the game."

"Plenty of women already know the intricacies of the game."

Pinella: "I'm not sure of that. I think some of the sportswriter women probably think they do....."

This interview has completely undone all of the therapy I'd undergone to overcome my hatred of the Cubs.

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

(*I woulda said that anyway, therapy be damned!)