I'm just destined not to like the Cubs

I'm happy for a few choice Cubs fans today - friends who deserve happiness and find happiness when the Cubs win, I really am happy for you guys. Cubs took first place in the central division! But just as I was about to give the Cubs a chance and maybe actually go see one of their games, I read an interview in with their misogynistic asshole of a coach, Lou Pinella.

From Newsweek: CORRECTION!! This was an interview from The New York Times. I'm going through a ton of back issues of magazines and newspapers that I just can't throw away without looking at, no matter HOW old they are, 'specially if I've paid for 'em. Got that habit from my dad.

"It might be nice if baseball moved into the future by including more women in its ranks. Do you think a woman could be a good manager?

Pinella: "If she had a good bench coach, why not? I would think she would need a good hardened professional baseball guy that would help her with the x's and o's during the ballgame. Someone who knew the intricacies in and out of the game."

"Plenty of women already know the intricacies of the game."

Pinella: "I'm not sure of that. I think some of the sportswriter women probably think they do....."

This interview has completely undone all of the therapy I'd undergone to overcome my hatred of the Cubs.

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

(*I woulda said that anyway, therapy be damned!)


Rev Transit said...

Piniella needs to think before he speaks.

I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he doesn't think women's brains think differently about baseball because of some inherent physical difference. I would guess he's talking about lack of experience.

The right answer would have been that some woman someday will have the level of experience a baseball manager needs, which could be a combination of playing time, minor league managing or college managing. I think I can safely say that right now there's no woman who comes close to even the least-experienced major league manager on that combination.

There are probably women's softball coaches at many colleges who would make very good college men's baseball coaches and who would then make very good minor league baseball managers. That's the most likely pathway to the majors IMO.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I'm pretty sure the "sportwriter women" know the intricacies of the game.

As far as female coaches, I have no doubt a woman could be as effective a coach as a man with the experience you and Pinella are talking about. But that last comment of his makes it pretty obvious he doesn't think women have a place in the hierarchy of baseball.

Then there are his infamous meltdowns...

Cubs, I don't know why you'd want him, but you can have him.

Rev Transit said...

I can't think of any male baseball manager who used to cover sports and theen became a manager without significant experience as a major league player or minor league manager.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Now I could be wrong, but I'm seeing this as 2 separate comments:
1) woman would not make good coaches unless they had hard, seasoned "professional baseball guys" to help them and 2) women sportswriters don't know the intricacies of the game - they only THINK they do.

Shannon said...

I generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I have to say his comment about female sports writers is pretty damning.

Rev Transit said...

Yeah, that's Piniella's problem. I think he really meant to say that there weren't any women with enough experience at this time to be a good manager. But it came out as if he were remarking on some inherent characteristics with women.

The truth is that any rookie manager, male or female, should have an experienced bench coach. And all sportswriters, male or female, think they know the intricacies of the game even if they're inexperienced in some areas. I think that's really what he meant.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

If I thought that's what he'd meant to say, I wouldn't have referred to him as a "misogynist asshole." I think the second comment was an intentional dig at female sports reporters.

I believe the interviewer, Deborah Solomon agrees with me. She answered his second comment with "Never mind" and moved on.

Matt Stratton said...

I have to agree with Rev Transit. I honestly think that the point is, unless you have on-field experience, you need a good bench coach. And at this point, since no woman have on-field experience in MLB, then no, none of them know the intricacies of the game as required of a manager who knows what he's doing.

Lou's a crazy person, no doubt, but I don't want my manager to be a nice guy who is a good person. I want my manager to be someone who wins the effin' games. We had cuddly, likeable Dusty Baker, and that got us nowhere.

Ultimately, any baseball professional of the old school is going to have these tendencies. Does it make them right? No, it doesn't. Is Lou Pinella the only one? Are there Red Sox related folks who are jerks too? Most likely.

Like I said - I want a manager who knows how to manage the team on-field and can get the team to win. Sunshine and puppy dogs can be dealt with from the front office.

Matt Stratton said...

It should also be made clear that I do not agree with people being misogynistic assholes, but just like I don't expect Giants fans to forsake their team and their love because of Barroids, I don't think it's fair to complain about a franchise due to the comments of their manager.

The Cubs are bigger than Lou Pinella.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

The Cubs and their fans are WAY bigger than Lou Pinella. I just found it hilarious that I'd made the decision to actually go to a Cubs game. Me. A Cubs game. Sometime this year or next.

When Lou's gone, I'll go see that Cubs game.

But, like you said, I'm not a Cubs fan. If it were the Red Sox, I'd have, well, I'd probably still have written this blog entry, but from an outraged fan's point of view.

Matt Stratton said...

Incidentally, if you google lou pinella misogynist your blog comes up on the first page :)

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Is that "Lou Pinella Misogynist" or "Lou Pinella Misogynist Asshole?" BOTH?!?!? WOOHOO!!!

I'd like to thank you three for reading my blog and putting it at #1 on Google for something! I'm not even #1 for "OrangeBlog"!1

Matt Stratton said...

BTW, here's the comments on this same article from the blog "In A League Of Her Own" which is written by a female Cubs fan.


(My favorite comment was from CubbieJulie, who is the owner of the blog - "Blah. I could execute a double switch better than Dusty, that's for sure.")

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Hee! If CubbieJulie was coaching the Cubs, I'd go see them even MORE than once!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

BTW - I am hoping for the Red Sox to win the series, cuz they're the Red Sox. Like being born a Catholic, I may not be active, but I was born a Red Sox fan.

HOWEVER, I will be so happy for you Mugsy if the Cubs win.

HOWEVER, my saying that is the kiss of death on the Cubs. MWAH-hahahaha!

Matt Stratton said...

Hey, I would love to see a Boston/Chicago WS.

Of course, so would you, since I have a standing order for four tickets to any WS game played in Chicago. Too bad you are so adamant about not going to Wrigley...

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Boston/Cubs WS trumps hatred of misogynistic asshole. DON'T SELL MY TICKET!!!