Inspired by Extras, Season 2, Disc 2

I couldn't leave ButterNugget without entertainment while we're gone! Here's my very favorite song from the 80's - Nik Kershaw's Wouldn't It Be Good, which was featured in Extras season 2 episode 6

(can we say, a-Ha ripoff?)

and the best video made since Thriller (in my opinion only, I'm aware!), Coldplay's Trouble. (Chris Martin, Extras season 2 episode 4, wanted to use this song in a commercial where celebrities such as himself and Andy Millman helped raise awareness about child hunger. Martin wanted to use the song not so much to raise awareness about child hunger, but to raise awareness that his band, Coldplay, had just released a greatest hits album with this song on it.)

(I wish I could have found a clearer version - sorry!)

See you soon, ButterNugget!


Butternugget said...

Thanks OrangeBlog, I love that song. It is really good in Pretty In Pink as well. I even saw Nik open for Paul Young round about 1985 in St. Louis.

But, I must stand up for Mr. Kershaw, A-Ha is actually the copy-cat, their video was a couple years later. Nik just never made it very big over here, poor thing.

Feel free to do the *dork* cough right now, I deserve it.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I can't do the *dork* cough - I screwed up! YOU get to do the *dork* cough to ME!

Man, first I get Shaun and David Cassidy's birthdays switched, now this. I am an embarrassment to the blogosphere.

I'm actually kinda relieved a-Ha did the ripoff - their version is better (sorry, Nik!!)

Butternugget said...

I agree, Nik's isn't as good, but we can cut him slack and say that technology had progressed so much in two years that A-ha's was better because they had better stuff to work with.