Rev Is Mistaken In His Thinking - Part II

(aka: Know your audience)

So, yeah! Sunshine! Brilliant movie! (No pun intended!)

The film develops an increasingly claustrophobic feeling througout as things begin to go increasingly wrong.

Tensions increase as mistakes are made by the overstressed crew members, causing damage to the ship and relations among the crew members.

The conflicts that arise on board the Icarus II are believable and extremely well acted.

Though the crew members are extremely capable and do their jobs, even when this means personal discomfort or even the death of a fellow crewmember. Still, there is always room for human error, and the director, Daniel Boyle, makes the viewer painfully aware of this.

Go see Sunshine, though it may at times be so painful to look on directly.


Shannon said...

Geez, what would Rev DO if he were isolated on a ship with these kinds of guys for 4 years?

Rev Transit said...

I'd never last 4 years. The claustrophobia would have me tearing my last remaining hairs out until I'd finally open a hatch and throw myself into the deadly, but endless, space.

Mmmmm... on those guys, but, seriously, "claustrophobic" is not an enticing adjective for the Rev.