The Pressure Of Being Awake for 7 Straight Days...

....has finally gotten to Jack Bauer. It was just a matter of time.

I swear, these guys with bipolar sleep habits...First he sleeps until dusk and goes to bed promptly at dawn, now he's up for 24 hours straight for days in a row. At least he's looking healthier these days, but seriously, there has to be some middle ground.

Don't mind me - I'm starting my Halloween decorating early this year.


OrangeMoJoJo Will Not Be Available

Please leave a message and she'll contact you when she returns. There's not alot of wireless service where she'll be staying, so she'll not be checking her messages for the next fortnight.


Overheard on the Elevator

Two very nicely, professionally dressed women got on the elevator with me on the ground floor. I was coming from the Diet Coke machine, they were coming from the VIP parking garage. I nodded knowingly at key points throughout this conversation, pondering my Diet Coke bottle:

Woman in blue: "Some people have all the luck."
Woman in red: "I think it's brains."


Woman in blue: "Actually, I think it's passion."
Woman in red: "YES!! Yes! Quite!"
Woman in blue: "Yes yes yes. Passion."


Woman in red: "....But brains don't hurt."


Woman in blue: "No, no, they don't."

So which is it? Brains, luck or passion?


Constitution, Shmonstitution!

That's right! I've decided Shrubbie can go ahead and choose the bits and pieces of the constitution he wants to, trample our civil liberties with wiretaps, torture people in Guantanamo - heck, keep Guantanamo open! as long as he shreds the bit of the law that states that presidents can serve no more than two terms in office. At this point, I can be pretty certain Shrubbie won't be re-elected - he's at, like, a 12% approval rate. I wish I knew who that 12% was - they should have to wear color-coded crystals in their palms. Not red, though! That'd be an insult to republicans.

Clinton, that's BILL Clinton, 2008!

Now, I'll admit it - I wish Bill Clinton could have been in office from 1992 until now, and then remain there for another 2 terms. I really liked and like Bill. I don't mind Hillary, I think she's brilliant, but she doesn't have his charisma.

I had this epiphany of letting Shrubbie change bits of the constitution only after the elimination of the 2-term limit after receiving two e-mails from Hillary Clinton's campaign. The first was dated September 4: "Let's do lunch."

"Let's do lunch. Let's talk, you and me -- about whatever you'd like. Our hopes. Our goals. Our work. The weather. Maybe even politics.

"I think it would be fun to have you over for lunch, at my table, in my home in Washington. You and I both know that we need a serious change of direction in this country. So let's sit down for a meal and talk about exactly the best way to make that change a reality.

Of course, that change can't happen if we don't win. So I'm asking you today to demonstrate your commitment to real change by supporting my campaign with a contribution. We're going to choose one supporter to come to my house in DC, along with a guest, to share lunch and talk. And if you contribute between now and midnight Friday, September 7, it could be you..."

This e-mail goes on for another 8 or so paragraphs, with "CLICK HERE FOR A CONTRIBUTION" highlighted 6 TIMES throughout. It was pretty easy to think "Wow! Way to play on America's love of giving when there's a chance they'll get something in return!" (How many times have you heard someone say they "won!" something on E-Bay?) I don't mean that in a totally cynical way - I really think it was a brilliant move. But, even though "every little bit helps," I won't be writing Hillary a check. I'm far more likely to give my money to NPR, Planned Parenthood, my coworker who's short and forgot his lunch, Kiva....there are about 6 organizations who need what money I can donate, not to mention Starbucks and Apple...

But I digress.

So anyway, then I got THIS e-mail today:

"Mind if I drop in?"

"Dear Jolene,

I hear you might be having lunch with Hillary -- do you mind if I drop in?"

This e-mail was from BILL Clinton! The wording from there on was almost the same as the first one, complete with four places to "Click here to contribute." But it was from BILL! Lunch with Hillary, yeah yeah yeah, but BILL! Now THAT would be a fun lunch hour! Hillary went from brilliant to BILL!!!-iant in two days.

I'll admit, I STILL didn't make a donation, but I was sorely tempted to "win" this time.

Nerd Queen Married to Nerd King!

I can't WAIT to brag about this at my *gasp!* 20th high school reunion! (It's still a few years away!)

Shannon's score on the NERD! test:

That's ORANGE Dorky Nerd Queen, To You!

Now I Have PROOF I'm A Way Bigger Nerd Than Mugsy! Well, at least in the history/literature dept. I have a feeling Shannon will out-dork us both!

NerdTests.com says I'm a Dorky Nerd Queen.  What are you?  Click here!

The fact that I'm really quite proud of this score is even more proof that I am a nerd. I was going for dork, but I'll take what I can get!


My latest discovery (read: obsession) is the podcast.

They have podcasts on EVERYTHING!!! Shannon even found me one where a gentleman reads old Anglo-Saxon texts aloud. One Oxford lecturer put his medieval history lessons in podcast form, and I've been listening along with his students, delighted to find there is only one book that I'm missing from the syllabus (yes, I cyber-stalked him to find his course outline and syllabus online). It's a textbook - I don't usually do textbooks - but this one sounds pretty excellent, so the next time we're at Blackwell's, maybe I'll pick it up.

There's even a podcast for ferret lovers!

Aside from these very "Jo-specific interest" podcasts, there are a few I'd like to recommend, having sifted through many crappy and boring ones to find them.

TED Talks
NY Times TimesTalks
NPR - Wait! Wait! Don't tell me!
NPR - Car Talk
Chicago Improv Associates - ZenProv
WXRT - Lin's Bin

For those who like creepy fiction, there's Pseudopod.
There's even a Shakespeare cast, and a podcast where Plato's Republic is read book by book, both of which I've downloaded, but haven't listened to yet. Hey! I've got 403 podcasts on my ipod! (That's down from 560. Told you I had a problem! (o;)

I mainly listen to my podcasts during my commute. Since I started doing this my commute has been MUCH less of a drag. I received a PodFreq (Sonnet) from Shannon for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I can no longer imagine a drive of any length without one. It allows me to listen to my iPod clearly while driving without inserting the (incredibly painful!) earbuds.

You pop your iPod into it, plug it into your cigarette lighter, and tune into a radio station that's not in use (I use 107.1 in Chicago and the northern 'burbs). Whatever you're playing on your iPod comes through your radio clear as day. Nothing I've tried works better! (I've tried two others, one by Monster and one sold through the Apple store - both of which I binned within 24 hours of purchase. They were CRAP! Hey, you try returning something you had to wrestle from that hellish industrial strength plastic packaging sans scissors!). Shannon and I make driving music playlists and alternate them with Wait! Wait! and Car Talk. Made our last drive to Ohio seem half as long as usual!

Where I'll be (In Spirit! ) On Saturday Night!

The All Blacks will be playing Italy in Marsaille for the first (and ONLY for Italy!) round of the Rugby World Cup on Saturday night. Anyone who wants to buy me a ticket, please click here.

All Blacks vs. Australia


"If we can keep our strong defense and keep hold of the ball, it might be an interesting game. That's what we managed to do against Ireland." - Italy captain Marco Bertolami.

Huh. After translation rugby interviews sound uncannily similar to American football interviews.


More Apple News

They've changed the colors of the Shuffle! NO MORE ORANGE!!! It was hard enough to find on E-Bay even before they discontinued this Leo's favorite color. Thank you again, Shannon, for surprising me with my awesome ORANGE!!! shuffle last month! (o:

Though lovers of orange, pink, vivid blue and kelly green are now out of luck, this is very very good news for ye lovers of mint, lipstick red, and the royal purple hue. Ye'll be glad you waited!

Countdown to Apple Announcement!

14 minutes until they announce their new iPods!! If it's the same as the iPhone, complete with wireless but sans phone, I'm gonna be sore tempted!

Another Presidential Hopeless!

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most politically savvy person on the planet. I may not even be the most politically savvy person in this room, and I'm the only one in it! (I think my ivy plant has conservatory leanings, har har!). But I had NO clue who Tom Tancredo was, or that he was actually a presidental candidate. I just read a quote from Mohammed Hussain Mahanti of a Pakistani religious coalition saying, "Those who are talking about attacking our holiest places are committing blasphemy. The punishment for this offence is death, and death only," in response to Tancredo's brilliant idea of threatening to bomb Mecca and Medina in order to staunch terrorism: “If it is up to me, we are going to explain that an attack on this homeland of that nature would be followed by an attack on the holy sites in Mecca and Medina,” Fabulous idea! Brilliant! I mean, if, say, Catholics attacked a non-catholic country, and that country in turn bombed the Vatican, all Catholic nations would drop their arms, right? Such stunning logic!

Huh. Turns out Tancredo is a Republican conservative from NH. Whaddya know? The NH surprises me, it being so close to Maine....

I could only nod at Mahanti's response - not in agreement, but in understanding. I immediately thought Reginald de Kerak, Reggie de Chatillon, Reg, Reggie, "Renegade" Reggie, "Wolf," Reynald d'Kerak, Raynaud d'Chatillon, or whatever other name you know him by....

Oh, you don't? Not ringing a bell? Obviously Tancredo doesn't remember Reggie, either. See, d'Chatillon made it a habit of antagonizing the Muslims in the later half of the 12th century. At one point he tried to steal Mohammad's body out of his tomb so he could drag it behind his horse. Another time he kidnapped Saladin's sister after granting her caravan "safe passage." Saladin caught up with our buddy in 1187 where Chatillon was captured after King Guy d'Lusignon's army was defeated at the Battle of Hattin. Saladin beheaded Chatillon himself.

Saladin has not been forgotten. His statues are all over the middle east. His tomb is a pilgrimage site. He is remembered as one of the greatest Muslim leaders of all time.

So once again, note to Republicans Shrubbie "This is a crusade! A crusade against terror!" Bush and Tommy-the-Tank- "Bomb the holy sites!" -redo - For the love of god - pick up a book that wasn't freaking written by Tom Clancy once in a while!!

Shout Out to the Kiwis!

First it was the All Blacks:

Then there was Xena, Warrior Princess Kiwi Lucy Lawless:

(and you thought you were going to see Xena boobies! HA!)

Not to mention the beautiful scenery in LOTR:

More recently: stumbling upon my ORANGE!!! counterpart: Orangeblog, NZ:

"I've ignored the green ones, the grey ones and the black ones and yipeeeeeee now there are orange ones. The person bleeping our bread and cheese and produce said she'd never seen someone so excited about getting a Moore Wilson's bag!"

(I know, right? There are two of us! Creepy-cool! Incidentally, if I could commision you for a pair of those grey woolen arm warmers with the orange stripes at the top, I'd be eternally grateful! My arms are always freezing!!)

Now, without further ado, my most recent New Zealand craze (thanks to LaLa and Morita!): The Conchords!

(Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't wake it!)

(I think the migraine's gone, but I've thought that before and as soon as it realizes I'm confident in its absence....BAM!!!!! Right behind the right eye! Gotta keep myself distracted. Maybe I could do some actual work...)

Bwah-hahahaha! Yeah, right! *wipes away a tear*

Hey, they say laughter does help with the migraines! Seriously, I think I'll surf the net for some cool orange road bikes, and try to figure out "road bike" means versus "racing bike" versus "comfort bike" versus "fitness bike." So far, from what I can determine, it's about $1500.

Not a road bike or a fitness bike but an ORANGE bike from Orangebikes.co.uk!
Maybe they sell them

I totally have my heart set on the 2006 Schwinn Fastback Pro as the bike I'll buy myself when I rack up 1200 miles on my awesome orange cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuiser, but I'd settle for a 1984 Schwinn World and a bucket of Hascolac Gloss Orange paint.

1200 miles! Not too bad! I'm up to, um, ...about 119 miles so far.

I've had Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuiser since April.


Okay, that is truly pathetic. For serious. I haven't even got the excuse of getting a flat every time I so much as think of going for a ride, like some people.

No, I wouldn't be trading in the cruiser for the road bike - I won't be trading it in EVER!! Shannon got it for me for my birthday! (o: He even attached a cup holder on the left side that fits a venti Starbucks cup PERFECTLY. Truly the SUV of bicycles (almost too much so - I have a hard time getting through those car barriers at forest preserve entrances it's so wide! Seriously, I have maybe an inch leeway on either side.)

I'm keeping Cruuuuuuuuuuiser until it truly is vintage, and doesn't just look it. The road bike will only be used when A) I wanna ride a bit faster or longer, or B) I went to the gym the day before and my tyrannosaur-arms start sobbing at the thought of hefting 40 pounds of Cruuuuuuuuuuuiser over my head and down the stairs for a ride. Sure, I could get Shannon to do it for me, but his arms will be crying too - not since we've been married has one of us gone to the gym without the other! "Wha - Oh, you're not going after all? I thought you were...? Well, I was going to go, but you talked me out of it! Robot Chicken?"

Thank you for the well-wishes! (o:


The Migraine that Wouldn't Die

4 Zomig, 18 ibuprofen tablets, and 3 days with no end in sight. Even thinking orange thoughts is not helping. *whimper!*