More Apple News

They've changed the colors of the Shuffle! NO MORE ORANGE!!! It was hard enough to find on E-Bay even before they discontinued this Leo's favorite color. Thank you again, Shannon, for surprising me with my awesome ORANGE!!! shuffle last month! (o:

Though lovers of orange, pink, vivid blue and kelly green are now out of luck, this is very very good news for ye lovers of mint, lipstick red, and the royal purple hue. Ye'll be glad you waited!


Butternugget said...

I'm good with plain white or silver myself but I will say I am amazed with the 160 GB ipod classic, that little thing is bigger than most peoples entire computer hard drive space.

The iphone is still super cool but for $400 and only 8 GB still not cool enough for those of us on budgets to reason getting one.

Rev Transit said...

How can they be introducing another product when they haven't shipped my IMac to me, yet.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

The wifi 16 gb iPod is $399. I won't be getting one for a while, probably next year, but it'll be the next geeky gizmo I get.

Rev, I think they actually used the materials in your IMac to make about 4,000 new Nanos. They're working on turning 700 older generation iPods into your IMac. The rate they're going, you should have it in about 2 hours.

Seriously, though - I can't believe you don't have your new computer yet!

Shannon said...

Rev - you need to contact Apple. The iMacs are shipping in 1-4 business days. You order must be lost or screwed up.