My latest discovery (read: obsession) is the podcast.

They have podcasts on EVERYTHING!!! Shannon even found me one where a gentleman reads old Anglo-Saxon texts aloud. One Oxford lecturer put his medieval history lessons in podcast form, and I've been listening along with his students, delighted to find there is only one book that I'm missing from the syllabus (yes, I cyber-stalked him to find his course outline and syllabus online). It's a textbook - I don't usually do textbooks - but this one sounds pretty excellent, so the next time we're at Blackwell's, maybe I'll pick it up.

There's even a podcast for ferret lovers!

Aside from these very "Jo-specific interest" podcasts, there are a few I'd like to recommend, having sifted through many crappy and boring ones to find them.

TED Talks
NY Times TimesTalks
NPR - Wait! Wait! Don't tell me!
NPR - Car Talk
Chicago Improv Associates - ZenProv
WXRT - Lin's Bin

For those who like creepy fiction, there's Pseudopod.
There's even a Shakespeare cast, and a podcast where Plato's Republic is read book by book, both of which I've downloaded, but haven't listened to yet. Hey! I've got 403 podcasts on my ipod! (That's down from 560. Told you I had a problem! (o;)

I mainly listen to my podcasts during my commute. Since I started doing this my commute has been MUCH less of a drag. I received a PodFreq (Sonnet) from Shannon for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I can no longer imagine a drive of any length without one. It allows me to listen to my iPod clearly while driving without inserting the (incredibly painful!) earbuds.

You pop your iPod into it, plug it into your cigarette lighter, and tune into a radio station that's not in use (I use 107.1 in Chicago and the northern 'burbs). Whatever you're playing on your iPod comes through your radio clear as day. Nothing I've tried works better! (I've tried two others, one by Monster and one sold through the Apple store - both of which I binned within 24 hours of purchase. They were CRAP! Hey, you try returning something you had to wrestle from that hellish industrial strength plastic packaging sans scissors!). Shannon and I make driving music playlists and alternate them with Wait! Wait! and Car Talk. Made our last drive to Ohio seem half as long as usual!

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