(Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't wake it!)

(I think the migraine's gone, but I've thought that before and as soon as it realizes I'm confident in its absence....BAM!!!!! Right behind the right eye! Gotta keep myself distracted. Maybe I could do some actual work...)

Bwah-hahahaha! Yeah, right! *wipes away a tear*

Hey, they say laughter does help with the migraines! Seriously, I think I'll surf the net for some cool orange road bikes, and try to figure out "road bike" means versus "racing bike" versus "comfort bike" versus "fitness bike." So far, from what I can determine, it's about $1500.

Not a road bike or a fitness bike but an ORANGE bike from Orangebikes.co.uk!
Maybe they sell them

I totally have my heart set on the 2006 Schwinn Fastback Pro as the bike I'll buy myself when I rack up 1200 miles on my awesome orange cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuiser, but I'd settle for a 1984 Schwinn World and a bucket of Hascolac Gloss Orange paint.

1200 miles! Not too bad! I'm up to, um, ...about 119 miles so far.

I've had Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuiser since April.


Okay, that is truly pathetic. For serious. I haven't even got the excuse of getting a flat every time I so much as think of going for a ride, like some people.

No, I wouldn't be trading in the cruiser for the road bike - I won't be trading it in EVER!! Shannon got it for me for my birthday! (o: He even attached a cup holder on the left side that fits a venti Starbucks cup PERFECTLY. Truly the SUV of bicycles (almost too much so - I have a hard time getting through those car barriers at forest preserve entrances it's so wide! Seriously, I have maybe an inch leeway on either side.)

I'm keeping Cruuuuuuuuuuiser until it truly is vintage, and doesn't just look it. The road bike will only be used when A) I wanna ride a bit faster or longer, or B) I went to the gym the day before and my tyrannosaur-arms start sobbing at the thought of hefting 40 pounds of Cruuuuuuuuuuuiser over my head and down the stairs for a ride. Sure, I could get Shannon to do it for me, but his arms will be crying too - not since we've been married has one of us gone to the gym without the other! "Wha - Oh, you're not going after all? I thought you were...? Well, I was going to go, but you talked me out of it! Robot Chicken?"

Thank you for the well-wishes! (o:

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