Shout Out to the Kiwis!

First it was the All Blacks:

Then there was Xena, Warrior Princess Kiwi Lucy Lawless:

(and you thought you were going to see Xena boobies! HA!)

Not to mention the beautiful scenery in LOTR:

More recently: stumbling upon my ORANGE!!! counterpart: Orangeblog, NZ:

"I've ignored the green ones, the grey ones and the black ones and yipeeeeeee now there are orange ones. The person bleeping our bread and cheese and produce said she'd never seen someone so excited about getting a Moore Wilson's bag!"

(I know, right? There are two of us! Creepy-cool! Incidentally, if I could commision you for a pair of those grey woolen arm warmers with the orange stripes at the top, I'd be eternally grateful! My arms are always freezing!!)

Now, without further ado, my most recent New Zealand craze (thanks to LaLa and Morita!): The Conchords!

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