"Around Here I'M the Decider!"

This one's for my brudder, Supreme WebMaster of The Werewolf Cafe.

I was driving to work this morning - for over an hour and a freaking half (for some reason I thought they were going to adjust the timing of the lights on alternate routes like Waukegan Rd to alleviate travel times messed up by the construction on the Edens - WRONG!!!), but I had my iPod loaded with podcasts so I was kept entertained door to door.

This week, in honor of it being October and thus Halloween Month, I'm listening to Pseudopod - "the world's premiere horror fiction podcast." Though I can't recommend it to everyone (some of the stories are more gross and disgusting than truly scary) I really enjoy good horror fiction, and some of the stories are pretty well written. There's some good scary sci-fi peppered in there, too.

This morning I listened to episodes #42, Full Moon Over 1600, which is about 40 minutes long. It wasn't so much scary as darkly humorous and satirical. The story features the President, a thinly veiled Shrubbie, who's been bitten by a werewolf baby at a publicity event and thus becomes a werewolf himself. Apparentely this is what it takes to get him to stand up to his wicked-evil VP, you guessed it, a thinly veiled Cheney. The support of the religious right after he eats a child molester and the President's encounter with a scantily clad runner in the park who sets him straight about economic feasibility concerning tax breaks are truly hilarious.

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Too funny, arroooooooh!