England Adds Another Item To The List Of Reasons I'm an Anglophile

They realize that "vaccination against HPV" does NOT mean "encouragement to be promiscuous."

As of next autumn, all girls aged 12-13 years old girls will be required to be vaccinated against HPV in England. This vaccine will protect them against the common STD human papilloma virus (HPV) with Merck's vaccine Gardisil. HPV, if left untreated (and there are usually no signs or symptoms) can lead to cervical cancer. There are 100 strains of HPV, 30 of which are spread by sexual contact. Gardasil provides 100% protection against only 4 of the 100 strains of HPV, but these 4 strains account for 70% of cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts.

I've had some reservations about mandatory vaccination with Gardasil, but those stemmed from my inherent mistrust of drug companies. Merck has been pushing awfully hard to push legislation to mandate vaccination with it's vaccine, and I'm pretty sure they stand to make a boatload of cash if they succeed. However, as long as it's been found safe and effective, which it has, and there are no long-term side effects (it's too soon to know), by all means stab 'em!

For more information on Gardasil, check out the CDC's Website.

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