Halloween Treat for the Truly Twisted

(Confidential to OrangeGirl: This is one of those "spike" blogging days I was referring to.)

I've been listening to Pseudopod podcasts since late September, and as soon as I finish with this batch (through Friday's episode #62) I'll stop listening to them. I will, however, continue to download them from now until next year's Hallowe'en season (OrangeMoJoJo celebrates Halloween from late September - early November. Hey, some people put up Christmas decorations in July, I start planning for Hallowe'en in December.)

My commute will suck until then. I can't think of anything that can effectively replace my Pseudopod addiction!

Episode 57, "Tenant's Rights" by Sean Logan, was not so much "scary" as "hilarious." Sure, it's got some elements of horror, I mean, there's a bit of gore involved, including one character's hacking off a body part, and be warned: there is some strong language; but the character of the nerdy tenant who is doing his bit to keep the 2,100 square foot 2-flat he lives in with the building's owner, Lance - he's just priceless. He listens in on Lance's phone conversations not with wire taps or electronic devices that would make the X-Files' Lone Gunmen geeks envious, but with holes cut through the floor of his room above Lance's phones downstairs. He has a Batman-like grappling hook attached to his belt, but it doesn't so much extricate him from dangerous situations by smoothly drawing him up the side of a tall building as drop to the floor five feet away with a "thunk." The one time he did manage to get it attached to something, it gave him one killer of a wedgie. The line "He checked the place for terrorists and spiders. Clear." Seriously, in context, it made me nearly cry with laughter. Maybe it's a good thing I won't be listening to Sean Logan's work while I'm driving over the next year after all...

I forced Shannon to listen to "Tenant's Rights" on Sunday ("House rules, Sammy: Driver picks the music and shotgun shuts their cakehole." - Dean, Supernatural) and was delighted when he, though not a horror fan, was kept thoroughly entertained by the tale all along Montrose Ave. from the lake.

This episode is about 30 minutes long. It's read by Pseudopod editor Alasdair Stewart who does a beautiful job. Alasdair introduces about half the Pseudopod episodes. His intros and outros are pretty hilarious, too. He's been a great addition to Pseudopod's nest of staff members.

Okay, I'm feeling generous today and we had very few trick-or-treaters last year, so here's a bonus treat. If you grew up with Kolchak: The Night Stalker, loved the creepier X-Files episodes where they hunted vampire pizza delivery boys and leech-monsters far more than you did the episodes fulla government conspiracy stuff, and got a stake through the heart from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - check out Supernatural. Two brothers, Sam and Dream, I mean, Dean! Sorry! hunt down and destroy monsters from urban legends Bloody Mary and Resurrection Mary (what do they have against people named Mary, anyway??) to American Indian legends to the restless spirits of the murdered. These episodes are CREE-PY. With a capital EEP! Seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD (we rent 'em through Netflix), and season 3 is still airing, with the next episode airing tomorrow night.

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