I Should Go Out Of Town More Often!

The Shadow of da Billy Goat Still Follows da Cubs

I leave and come back to find the Cubs are swept by the Diamondbacks (that is one powerful billy goat curse!), the Red Sox swept the Angels (GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and Shannon bought me an IPod Touch!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!! I'd have a pic of my new touch - (I've named her TouchaTouchaToucha Touch Me or 'Lil Nell for short) - up on my blog, but Bu decided to break my camera last week. (Good.....Kitty.....Must....Not....Kill....Kitty....)

The screen - so clear!!! The internet - so fast!!! The design - so sleek!!! The resolution - so crisp!!! The interface - so easy to use!!!

Life will never be the same again.

I just wish I'd stayed away long enough* for the Indians to sweep the Yankees. Damned Yankees.

*Shannon knows this isn't true. When I travel I'm good for two days, then I turn into a depressed ball of mope.


Shannon said...

You say that life will never be the same again, but it doesn't necessarily follow that you mean that in a _good_ way...


And Bou IS a good kitty!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I thought the "IT IS SO AWESOME made it clear that the changes the ITouch will incur will be VERY good!! Not only can I watch movies on the plane (or in boring conferences (o;<), thus making my flights (or boring conferences) seem shorter, but even more awesome: I can email you from any WiFi hotspot when I'm traveling.


Matt Stratton said...

We actual factual baseball fans do not like blaming things on goats.

We instead blame it on a poor performance from the so-called power hitters in our lineup. We also blame it on the fact that apparently none of the Cubs paid any attention to advance scouting reports for the D'backs.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

They're totally saving their boooYAH!! for the centennial.