Ireland Teaser Post

What they did NOT have to drink in Ireland

Yes, I'll admit, I looked for one in every town we drove through.
The Pavlovian response I have to that green mermaid is almost obscene.

What they DID have:

Yes, I'll admit I looked for one in every town we drove through...

I was surprised the Guinness was always served cold. I prefer it room temperature, and thought that was how it was SUPPOSED to be drunk...? (drunk? drank? drinked? That doesn't sound right...)

Drummin. Home of the best pint in the WORLD.
No, I'm not drinked in that picture! I was holding up the sign!

The best pint to be had was in the town we stayed in in Ireland, south of Westport by about 7 miles, or 178 minutes by car.

We stayed in Drummin (more pics to be released this week!) and were told upon arriving that there was a pub about 10 minutes away next door to the post office. That was, incidentally, the entirety of the town. Those two establishments and a church. We didn't see either the pub or the post office until the Friday night before we left, but I'm glad we found the pub because it had, honest to God, have the best pint of Guinness I've ever had. We saw the church several times because we walked past it again and again trying to find the pub. Turns out we had to turn up the lane the church was on to get to the pub, so it made a fabulous landmark.

That beautiful second pic was taken on September 17th - OUR SECOND ANNIVERSARY!!! - at Sheedy's Country House Hotel in Lisdoonvarna. My parents took us out to dinner to celebrate (hence the three pints - Shannon was drinking Bailey's on the rocks! (o:).

Happy 2nd Anniversary + 2 weeks + 1 day, Shannon!


Shannon said...

That Baileys, btw, was also really good. It was a good trip and a great 2nd anniversary.

Rev Transit said...

On the rocks?

That candle makes Ireland look classy.

Shannon said...

Yup, I like my Baileys like I like my woman...cold! (Stupid Jo feet!)

Actually, I was under the impression that Baileys is usually served over ice.

Rev Transit said...

Well, I have to admit that I usually drink Bailey's straight from the bottle.