Shannon's in the Lead!

So far I've read The Ruins and am more than halfway through They Thirst. The Ruins was creepy at the beginning, but it lost steam when the maneating vines, located in the heart of the Mayan jungle, began emitting smells of, get this: strawberry pie and birthday cake to torment the starving tourists. Now, sure these vines are clever, but come ON! Birthday cake??!? In the Mayan jungle??!? Where'd it learn that scent? Scott Smith should have stuck to the more believable scent of, say, roasting meat, or omitted the tormenting smells of food altogether. Being stuck on a hill with maneating vines, surrounded by armed Mayans, with no hope of rescue was a creepy enough story to sustain itself, but by being clever, you let the air out of your own balloon.

So now I'm reading They Thirst, by Robert McCammon.

This is a book that knows it's creepy, and takes it's time developing it's creepiness. A bonus is that the monsters are vampires, and I've always been creeped out by vampires. I know this book is getting to me because, not only have I been having nightmares the past 3 nights, but after Shannon left for work yesterday, I got in the shower and after a couple of minutes heard a noise outside the bathroom door. It was, of course, Aethelred, but for an instant I thought, "....or IS it Aethelred?" and watched the shower curtain half expecting clawed, bony fingers to start scratching at it. Took me half the time it normally does to wash my face. You don't want soap in your eyes when the vampires strike!

Definitely NOT Aethelred. Note the lack of "cute."

I wonder if Merz carries garlic soap?


Shannon said...

HA! And since I'll burn all the other books, I'll win by default!!!!

Rev Transit said...

Is that first picture "Das Rantercoffin"?

Shannon said...

No, that's the cremated remains of my pathetic competition!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Note the "veggie friendly" straps around the casket.

"Das Rantercoffin." Hee!