Plotting My Moves

I'm traveling to Kansas City next month for work. Um,... yay? Yeah, hard to get all that excited about. Anyway, I heard my coworker making dinner reservations the other day for her and a couple of the docs, so I decided I'd better get a move on or all the good seats would be taken. I was surprised, actually, by how many restaurants really tempted me.

I'll arrive on Thursday, so I think I'll head to this place. If all goes well, I'll be there Sunday night, too.

And here's where I'll head on Saturday night. Why the porqois l'enfer pas, no? That frog is way cute! The food must be good.

Seriously, though. Cheesehead Cafe. Gourmet grilled cheese sammiches. Oh. My. God! Why don't we have one or these in Chicago?? Answer: OrangeMoJoJo would weigh twice what she does now, and she's already a slacker about going to the gym.

Come on. It's Kansas City. I have to get excited about something! Actually, I am excited about getting to use my iPod Touch from every WiFi hotspot I come across. Sooooooooooooo awesome!!!


Rev Transit said...

I happened to be reading a forum for skyscraper enthusiasts the other day and I came across a thread where folks rated their favorite cities. Kansas City came up a lot. And usually because of the food.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I gotta say, just from surfing the area around my hotel, well, I won't be starving or ordering room service, that's for sure! Alot of the places within walking distance look mighty tasty! I don't normally get too excited about restaurants, but I think I've got me a nice weekend planned. Other than the work part.