Project Du Jour

Tomorrow I will announce the Second Annual "Scare the Living Bejeebus Outta OrangeMoJoJo!!" contest, so get your thinking caps on! I need scary stuff to read over the Halloween holiday (for me that lasts from mid-September through the first week of November). I'd have announced it today, but that I forgot a few titles that were suggested to me last year (Paul, Peepster) at home.

Last years winner was Chuffed, and I totally still owe you cookies!!

My important project of the day has been changing the color scheme on my desktop to black and orange with white highlights. This is a tricky business. I've done it before and let me tell you it is scary when you need to find a document NOW!!! only to find that you've changed the preferences on your pull-down menu to orange on orange.

Scaaaaaaaaaaaaary stuff!!

I'm more than a little bit annoyed to find that this version of Windows doesn't offer "Creepy," "Spooky," or "Horror" fonts - any suggestions for a respectable substitute??


Rev Transit said...

Windows is horrific enough as it is.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Thanks to Shannon!! This font is AWESOME!


Shannon said...

"Windows is horrific enough as it is"

"And to this day, whenever Apple releases a new product, they say you can hear the ghost of Bill Gates crying, 'Vista...Veeeeestaaaaaaa!'"