Rare Metra Ride

I really do like taking the train in to work, though it really doesn't save me any time. It's about an hour in, an hour and a half back whether I train it or drive, but when I drive I get to hear podcasts, and when I train it, I get to read. Win-Win, though the train is much more relaxing!

When I do take the train, I usually take the first one out. Today, I missed that one and had to take the second, which was far more full. Still, there were several women sitting in two-seaters with their crap on the second seat (there was one guy on the second level with his feet up on the chair in front of him, but it seems that, in this particular car on this particular day, anyway, this "my crap has the same rights to a chair of its own as a paying customer, and it was here FIRST!" phenomena seemed to be exclusive to the female gender).

For some reason, this really didn't bother me too much today. I know, right?!? Me! I didn't care! Not fussed. Two of the women appeared to be snoozing, and after trying quietly to wake one of them up, I decided to just stand. I wasn't being shy or subservient or anything, I just really didn't mind standing.

The woman whose chair I was holding onto lightly for stability seemed to be really annoyed at my presence. She had her laptop open in a "don't bother me, I'm REALLY important!" manner, and had crap on the chair next to her, but I didn't single her out or anything (there were at least 4 others) - she, rather, the seat she happened to be sitting in, just happened to be far enough along in the car where I would be out of the way of traffic if more people got on board. After, like, 5 seconds, she exhaled loudly and looked over her shoulder towards me (not AT me, just at the floor in my direction), and asked, in a really snotty voice, "Um, would you like me to MOVE or something?" I smiled and answered, "No, that's okay! I'm just reading your email." She started to close her laptop (I really couldn't tell you what she was looking at, I was really looking at a cool ORANGE!!! mountain bike at the front of the car), when I heard a snicker behind me. It was one of the of the women whom I had thought was snoozing. She waved me over to sit next to her, and we rode in companionable silence the rest of the way.

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