The Hamburger Slayer!

It's October - My favorite month, which ends with Halloween - my favorite holiday. You're going to see a lot of stretches for horror over the next thirty days, so don't let your eyes roll too badly or they'll fall right OUT of your head!

And that would be scary!

(Confidential to The Rev: I will be posting on Ireland starting today or tomorrow, latest! Promise!)

Shannon and I were wandering about on Saturday afternoon after a 4 hour nap (I know! Stressful weekend, right?!?) and I started to get nibbly (he'd already had a snack at Budacki's while I shopped for striped corduroy and ORANGE!!! things at ShareWear and by the time I was done trying on cute stuff the fries were all GONE!). From Budacki's we'd found ourselves in Andersonville as the Sweet Occasions and More! on Damen didn't have any of Shannon's favorite peanut butter cake, and the one in Andersonville usually didn't disappoint in the PB cake department.

It was a gorgeous day, so I pushed for "just another few blocks north, then we'll head back" after successfully (but not surprisingly!) landing a huge hunkahunka burning (with sugar) PB cake. Up on the next block was Hamburger Mary's - a joint I've been wanting to try for YEARS. I'd heard that no only did they make one heckuva tasty burger at Mary's, but the experience is campy as all get out.

We weren't disappointed.

After being seated by a stunning transvestite, I ordered the turkey burger, "Buffy the Hamburger Slayer" style, and a Carrie Bradshaw martini. Shannon ordered Mary's Tasty Fries and a peach marg. Everything was good, but the burger. Oh. My. God. The burger. Was the best. I've ever. Had. I would order it with sauteed mushrooms next time because I love swiss cheese and sauteed mushroom burgers, but it was damned fine on it's own. And that was the turkey burger. Imagine how amazing it would have been if it were made out of cow! I last ate beef well over two years ago, but dang if I won't argue to the death that a good burger ain't the tastiest thing on earth. The bloodier the better. Next life I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back as one of those Costa Rican vampire bats.

But I digress.

My martini never showed up, but I honestly didn't care. I'd ordered it more for the name and how tasty it sounded than for really wanting a drink. We paid our check (which, incidentally, arrived in a size 5 white pump) and started the trek back home to where the kittays and season 2 of Robot Chicken were waiting, stopping at White Hen on the way so I could pick up a pint of Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Hey! I didn't want Shannon to have to eat his cake alone!

I'm pretty sure that, despite only being awake for, like, 4 hours, I more than doubled my Weight Watchers "points" allowance on Saturday...


Rev Transit said...

Jo, you'll make a gorgeous and fascinating Costa Rican Vampire Bat! I just know it.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I'd be the chubbiest, glossiest, happiest vampire bat you ever did see!

Mu said...

Wow! That rates a 9.9 out of 10 on the awesome weekend scale. Pretty cool...