Oh, Happy Day!

I was bored at work waaaaaaaaaaay back in July and started searching for ORANGE!!-themed blogs, when I came across this picture of a pair of woollen arm warmers the author had made for a friend of hers.

Wool arm warmers. In July. The only time of year I would probably NOT be able to wear them in Chicago!

I went mad trying to figure out how to email her to see if I could commission a pair for myself (my arms get cold below about 76 degrees. Celsius.), or at the very least tell her how very awesome these are, but to no avail - her comments weren't enabled! Blast!!

But I still read faithfully. Hey - she's got a good blog! It's all fulla orange! She even has me trumped in at least one area of the orange department - she wears something orange every day.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, she enabled her comments! (see subject line!) (o:

Since then we've been emailing back and forth getting to know eachother, which has been absolutely delightful. I just wish she didn't live so far away so I could raid her wardrobe.

On Friday, she posted that she'd purchased the wool for my very own pair of arm warmers! (see subject line and add four more exclamation points!)

Jo needles! Hee!

When we get back to Maine this summer, I'm going to have to get to The Orange Cat Cafe in Kingfield - before they close this time - and pick up TWO t-shirts!

In the meantime, however, I'll be sending along another orange THANK YOU!!! gift. Orange Girls view orange as currency.


Rev Transit said...

I wear something orange everyday-- my hair.

OrangeGirl said...

And today I'm wearing orange knee high socks - hello all Jo's readers from this OrangeGirl in New Zealand :-)

OrangeMoJoJo said...


*waves back enthusiastically* *realizes OrangeGirl can't see her* *pretends she was just stretching as two of the editors pass her office and look at her strangely*

I have on my orange watch, glasses and orange/brown tweed coat today, though I'm not wearing the coat at the moment as I'm indoors. Also, I wandered about for about a half hour with a small orange post-it note stuck to the elbow of my sweater. I'm going to try to fly that one by the trendies upstairs - see if I can start a fad. (o;

Mu said...

Wow. Orange spans the oceans. In an orange-only rainbow. Who knew?

Shannon said...

I'm not sure I like the idea of "Jo sharp" needles. I have strange visions of those being pointed in my direction.

Rev Transit said...

Remind me to tell you my Happy Day story.