Can you can finish the sentence "As God as my witness....?"

Did you answer "...I thought turkeys could fly?" If you did, you remember my very favorite episode of WKRP in Cincinnati - my favorite show back when I was but a wee sprout. I had such a crush on Andy Travis (Gary Sandy)! Musta been the tight cords and feathered hair. Niiiiiice!

Hey, escorting Loni Anderson makes him look...even dorkier.
No, wait! In this pic he looks like a high schooler who didn't have a date for the prom so went with his mom! "Gary, dear, your ties askew." Way to go, Sandy!

My dad and I can quote this episode nearly as well as we can The Blues Brothers, and that's saying something.

As a special Thanksgiving treat, I've shopped online at YouTube and found you two of the most classic moments in American TV history from this episode of WKRP.

In this first clip we hear Les Nessman's report from the site of the turkey drop. Turkeys are to be let loose from a helicopter to fly to grateful crowd below as a promo for WKRP.

In the second clip we see the aftermath: A turkey feather covered, shell-shocked Mr Carlson and a dazed Nessman who's convinced the turkeys started organizing upon hitting the ground.

"Happy.....Thanksssss........Giving! From W......X.......R......P!" (And OrangeMoJoJo!)


Matt Stratton said...

I didn't think ANYONE remembered that!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

"For those who just tuned in the Kleindale shopping mall has just been bombed by live turkeys."


This is up there with that Mr Microphone commercial and the Minkman brothers - things that I think "I must have made it up...how could anyone forget THAT?!?" If it weren't for you and Butternugget I'd swear I was losing my mind.

Mu said...

Thanks for sharing - I had heard of that show, but never seen it.