R.I.P. (pun intended) Orange Travel Bag

Aethelred kissing his favorite hangout goodbye

My $15.00 ORANGE!!! TJ Maxx travel bag is dead, murdered by the American Airlines baggage handlers who'd packed the plane for flight 1861 to Kansas City 13 days ago.

Yes, you read correctly - that tag DOES read "2406" and not "1861." Flight 2406 was my return flight. I didn't have another bag to pack my stuff in for the return flight, though, and I wasn't about to go shopping for a new one when I was A) sick for most of the trip and B) wouldn't know where to shop for an orange bag in KC even if I was feeling 100%, so I just had to figure out how get this one home.

And I did!

Siler accents! Classy!

See Aethelred? Look at the awesome job I did fixing that bag!
Imagine what I could have done with your paws!

I was halfway to the airport with Shel before I burst out laughing, realizing I'd left 4 or 5 long strips of duct tape hanging from the lamp in the corner of the hotel room. I can only imagine what the maid must have thought when she came to clean my room later that day. I'd originally planned on wrapping the whole bag in long strips of duct tape, but realized the TSA might have to undo all that work and cut it all off in performing a security check. I opted to just tape up the affected corner as best I could, but then promptly forgot to throw away the rest of the strips of tape.

Aethelred's pretty excited about getting a new bag - his tail's totally outgrown the old one.


Shannon said...

"murdered by the American Airlines baggage handlers "

I'm sure it would have nothing to do with the amount of stuff crammed into the suitcase... ;)

OrangeGirl said...

Ommigod *LOVE* the bag!! Mine's a bit more of a rusty colour (sorry, I believe you spell it 'color') but with our second international trip coming up at Christmas I might just travel enough to warrant a full-sized orange one if I can find one out here!

Rev Transit said...

Hah! No way the suitcase could have been overloaded or else it would never have held up with the duct tape on the return trip. That's my story, anyway, and Jo is welcome to adopt it as her own, if she wants.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Thank you, Rev! I remember how upset I was not to be able to bring home the carved watermelon

OrangeGirl, I was thinking of replacing that case with something more durable:
So it's $1775.00! Aethelred's tail will TOTALLY fit!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Let's try this again (Just delete the hard returns)



Mu said...

I see from the picture that Shannon is in his favorite spot as well.

orangeguru said...

I am so sorry for your orange loss! And now: buy a Hello Kitty Travel Bag ... ;-)

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I'll only buy a Hello Kitty! bag when they change Kitty's color from pink to orange, and remove Kitty from the bag. (o;

Mu, you'll notice that Shannon is in the same position but under a blanket in the post below this one. That is indeed his favorite spot! Especially since Bou claimed The World's Comfiest Chair.