Some Times It's Just Better Not To Have Plans

Over the years I've found I'm not only pretty good at "winging it," I usually have more fun when I do!

October's my favorite month, and Halloween my favorite holiday. This isn't much of a secret, so when my family and friends asked me throughout the week what my plans were, they seemed surprised that I didn't have plans for Halloween or the weekend before other than to read, watch scary movies and TV shows via Netflix with Shannon, and hand out candy and go wandering around looking at Halloween decorations on Halloween night. I think parties are fine and good - especially if you get to see some creative, homemade costumes - but I really enjoy seeing the costumes the neighborhood kids are wearing, handing out candy, and complimenting neighbors who go out of their way to decorate. I'm totally at ease and in my element on Halloween.

Headless Jo (courtesy of a Bad Hair Day)
This is what I wore to work yesterday, but with black pants in lieu of jeans
(we're not allowed to wear denim. I know! Scary, right??)

Last night was one of the best Halloween nights I've ever enjoyed. I got home just before the trick or treaters arrived, propped open the doors leading into our apartment building, put up a sign saying that candy was indeed available in our unit, and got the candy ready near the front door. I decided not to light candles for fear Aethelred's ridiculous tail would catch fire from across the room (his tail is like 7 feet long now and 2 & 1/2 feet across. To use a Peep-ism - it's ridiculous), but at least we had a light up pumpkin. Shannon came home and we made a portable dinner of veggie burgers and fries, then we popped in the second disc of Supernaturals, season 1*, pausing whenever someone pounded on the door demanding candy.

*(side note: I find it interesting that I can get totally creeped out by ghosts, vampires, and urban legendy creatures like The Hook Man and Bloody Mary (I STILL, to this day, will NOT say "Bloody Mary" three times in a mirror - with or without the door closed), but when it came to the swarms of killer bugs, I was like, *yawn*)

At about 8:30, after three episodes of Supernatural and a door that had been quiet for well over an hour, we decided to go wandering about the neighborhood, checking out the decorations before they were all shut down for the night. Well, for the year, actually! We ended up in front of our favorite house in the neighborhood, and not by accident. They have a huge yard that they obviously spend hours working on every week, not just for holidays, but we expected something special for Halloween and were far from disappointed. There was Spanish moss hanging from the trees, a life-sized grim reaper, a dragon dressed up as a witch, a witch lounging in a chair next to a reading lamp...It was fantastic. As we were calling our "BraVO!!!"s and "nicely done!"s up to the porch, we heard a witch's voice call us ("come here, little girl and boy!") up to the porch for some candy. Once we got to the porch, they decided to invite us in for a glass of wine instead (I got both! WooHoo!!). We were there for about an hour and a half, enjoying the company of the owners of the house, and some of their neighbors and friends. It was a really nice visit! Bonus - the inside of the house was even more spectacular than the outside. They did a beautiful job! And the spread! Oh, MAN! The smells from the oven and the stove top made my mouth water, even though I was too stuffed on fries and chocolate to eat anything. We plan on wandering by on Thanksgiving, you know, to see if they've dressed up the dragon as a pilgrim.

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