A Big SHOUT OUT!!! To The Neighbors Upstairs!

99.9% of the time I LOVE our apartment - it's just that 0.1% of the time when I'm reminded of the fact we have neighbors that I wish our apartment was separated from the rest of the building, resting on a foundation of it's own, maybe next to a babbling brook or nestled in the Smokies somewhere faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from Gatlinburg. This 0.1% of the time occurs between the times of 10:30PM, after we've gone to sleep and the kids upstairs get their new dog COMPLETELY riled up and nuts so he runs up and down the uncarpeted hallway after a toy, then brings it back - a fascinating passtime that repeats ad nauseum (for a 1/2 pound dog, that thing sure does make a helluva lot of noise!), intermittently until about 6:45 AM when I'm getting out of the shower. Seems that EVERYONE upstairs needs to use their bathroom in the 10 minutes I'm in the shower, and the ones who can't fit into the bathroom run downstairs quick as lightning to the basement where they can do a quick load of laundry. I don't know how but they always, ALWAYS turn the washer on just as I've finished lathering my face.


Last night, well, this morning really, they added a middle act of a SCREAMING match which started about 3:10AM and lasted til I was able to fall asleep about an hour later. I was only able to fall asleep at that time not because they'd stopped arguing, but because their voices had been reduced to hoarse whispers. Thankfully no breakables were involved.

This morning I awoke groggy and a bit cranky, but this was tempered by the fact that it's Friday!!! and really, I told myself, the kids really love that dog. They didn't mean any harm in making it nuts, they're just having fun and got carried away. I saw Shannon off and shuffled off to the bathroom to take my shower. As for the argument, I was telling myself as I got the water to THE PERFECT temperature and stepped into the shower, that rarely happens and I was able to use it as an excuse to skip the gym and snooze for an extra hour and a half (BAD Jo! BAD!). I reached for my Origins foaming face wash and squeezed a bit into my left palm while thinking, really, our neighbors are a bit nutty, but aren't everyone's? I mean, it's got to be hard for 4 people to be living in a 2-bedroom, and it's winter after all - where else is that cute puppy of theirs going to run? As I closed my eyes and rubbed the face wash into my face, the toilet upstairs flushed.


I splashed scalding water on my face from as faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away as I could from the shower stream and got out of that shower as fast as I could.

Then I waited.

And I listened.

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I actually waited until one of them got into the shower this morning....

and I flushed our toilet.


Mu said...

I like houses (instead of apartments) so much that I own TWO of them!

Matt Stratton said...

We go back and forth with our downstairs neighbors.

They get pissy when we wear our shoes in the morning (we leave for work between 6 and 7 AM, and they don't wake UP until 7 AM...and our front stairs goes right over their bedroom). Although they have a tendency to stay up late listening to music (again, see the "don't get up until 7 AM" note above).

We both irritate each other when marital arguments get loud. They can hear us and we can hear them. But both parties are good at studiously ignoring such things.

Our neighbors are also looking to buy a house and move in the new few months, so we're in a state of detente, knowing that for both of us, in a few short months we will no longer have shared walls with ANYONE.

Matt Stratton said...

To add to the fun...last night my sister in law gave me Dance Dance Revolution.

Our neighbors are going to HATE us :)

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Our downstairs neighbors are the only normal ones in the building! We actually feel slightly guilty holding improv practice at our place on Thursday nights - even though we're done by 9. Our next door neighbors across the hall - I swear that unit is cursed. There are always SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAMERS!!!!!!!!!! and not in a good "hey, the sex just got outta hand!") way. It's like anyone who lives there has to have a turette's-like psychiatric disorder where they can only communicate by shredding their vocal chords.

You have fun with that new Wii! of yours! They should have a bunch of those at our gym. Talk about a workout!