Catholic Coloring Book Warns Against Pedophile Priests

I was always jealous of the altar boys at my church growing up, but I'm not sure why - their robes weren't even orange! But seeing this picture below, I'm really pretty glad I didn't have to work the altar scene with a priest that looked like that. Is he a priest or Presto! The Evil Magician!? My grandma could tell you at a glance that he's evil - the mustache is a dead giveaway. "Never trust a man with a mustache, babuska - they're sneaky." Come to think of it, my grandma thought alot of things were sneaky.

And what's with the 70s starlet angels? Is that kid smiling at the kind advice, or because God just granted him his prayer to have Loni Anderson fall madly in love with him? Maybe God misheard "fall" and heard "fly" instead, but nevermind! She's here now!

"Blast! will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?!?"

I know my parents and grandparents (at least the men!) often speak fondly of how simple things were way back when they were growing up, but I never would have imagined a Catholic coloring book warning kids about pedophile priests. I'm not trying to be naive, but a priest walks a Catholic through life - from baptism to confirmation to marriage to death. He hears confessions in order to keep your soul free of sin so you can be absolved and go to heaven. If you can't trust your priest, who can you trust?? I realize the Catholic church is trying to be proactive here with these comic books, but they'd be more proactive if they did a better job of screening and GETTING RID OF THE PEDOPHILES BEFORE THEY ARE ORDAINED, not shipping them off to another parish and trying to cover things up!

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