Coolest Shoes of the Season

Seriously - these are just awesome. I'd of course need two pair - one in black and one in ORANGE!!!. I could mix-n-match for Halloween! Bonus! Two holidays covered.

Check out her stride! It tells the world at least three things off the top of my head: 1) "I can totally MOVE in these puppies despite the fact they're 7 inches tall! I feel INVINCIBLE!" 2) "No WAY are you getting my shoes! I'm so outta here. In the words of Nigel Tufnel 'you've seen enough of these.' Seriously! Find your own!" or, if you're at the Kit Kat Club or The Baton 3) "No, I did not steal these from Mimi's dressing room while she was out here singing! If you don't stop trying to pry them from my feet, little girl, you're SO not getting a tip."

I've seen her three times now, and still can't believe Mimi's a man. I was talking to her at the bar after the show and her voice - it's quite low and very masculine. It really threw me. I've usually got a pretty good poker face (ask Shannon about Khet), but Mimi caught me with a look on my face of "...Whoa. This is a guy. How? How can this be a guy?!?" and let out this very seductive girlish giggle. She bought me a drink - I think to keep me from killing myself after the realization that I'll never. EVER. be as hot as her.

It'll really mess you up.

I have a feeling Mimi has bought a lot of girls drinks after feeling ever-so-slightly guilty for making them feel suicidal.

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