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ORANGE! tie, ORANGE!-haired wife. That's my man!

I am shaking my head at myself this week with the realization of how deluded I allow myself to become when it comes to politics, and how easily I am swayed by all the *SHINY!!!* marketing (politely referred to as "campaign") money can buy. I have realized more and more clearly that Kucinich is the candidate I'd vote for, the one I most strongly agree with. Even though he's not even one of the three most popular democratic candidates, I'd stand behind him proudly, and I do hope against hope that makes it to the election. What dismays me is the reason I haven't been standing behind him all along. See not too long ago I was pretty sure I was solidly behind Clinton, though I had this nagging feeling that somewhere along the line my reasoning had become fuzzy. The reason I've become more focused in my conviction that I should have that Kucinich bumper sticker eating away at the paint on my bumper and not Hillary's?

I haven't seen much of Bill Clinton these days.

ORANGE!!! tie! He's totally pandering to the Orange crowd.
See how it detracts the eye from Hillary? Nicely done! You devil, you!

I'd really been wavering between Clinton and Kucinich, and the main reason for this is quite obvious to me now. Bill Clinton.

I miss Bubba and I want him back. Now that I haven't heard from him in a while (I've removed myself from the Hillary campaign email list - you can only be asked to donate wads of cash so many times in a day before you get absolutely sick and tired of seeing that massive red "CONTRIBUTE NOW!!!!" button) I'm cooling on Hillary and I'm slowly and painfully accepting the fact that putting her in office doesn't equate putting Bill back in there where he could clean up Bush's mess and get us back in the world's good graces like some kinda superhero. Maybe he could shake hands with and slap Queen Elizabeth II on the shoulder again like he did in 1998 when she met Congress for good measure! Ah, how we laughed about that. A breach of etiquette, to be sure, but not creepy like, oh, say, Bush giving Angela Merkel a shoulder massage.

When I manage to tear my eyes away from Bill and all he represents to me and try to focus on Hillary, I see alot of evasion. She doesn't allow herself to be pinned down. You hear alot of "I'll address that when I'm in office" type comments. No, I really think we should know now, BEFORE you're in office. I don't know how much we agree on, ....though I'd like to think it's alot *Eyes drift back to Bill* *OrangeMoJoJo slaps herself* Shake it off.

To say that I'm tired of evasion after being stuck with the Bush administration for 8 years is a wee bit of an understatement. It's like saying you shouldn't eat mayonnaise-based potato salad after it's been out in the warm sun for 14 days, or that you shouldn't walk blind-folded across Lake Cook Road during rush hour, or that ORANGE!!! is better than pink. It's pretty obvious. Shrubbie T. Shrub "Let me talk to some smart people and get back to you. We've got smart people working on that, and I want to talk to them before giving you an answer,"Bush, and Condolleeza "That's a really good question. I hadn't thought of that. Let me get back to you." Rice. *shudder.*

And I'm not sexist! *SHINY!!!* Celebrity pull works both ways. I mean, look! Oprah's leading Obama in the polls since she took up campaigning with him!

Do you see any orange in this picture?
That, my friends, is why Obama isn't even in the OrangeMoJoJo top 2 (he's tied for 3rd with Edwards).

You can run (with Obama) Oprah, but you can't hide - hide the fact that Bill Clinton is still ahead of you in the polls. Hey! At least it's not just me!

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Mu said...

Obama just pulled into a statistical tie with Clinton in New Hampshire....