Processus Contra Templarios - Update!

I have just received word from a loyal reader (of one of my Templar posts), the superhero called TemplarMan, that he has acquired a copy of the Processus Contra Templarios and is offering it at only twice the price of BlueMoonCouture! That's right! If you act now, you can still get me this awesome Christmas gift for only $55,000!

I've raised $18.00 so far! Who's willing to chip in the extra $54,082?

In true superhero style, TemplarMan did not leave any contact information, so one of you superhero buffs gets the extra bonus of cracking his identity!

If you can't find him to acquire this text I so covet, you can just send me to Portugal so I can stay at this hotel and drown my sorrows in Warre's ("warrior's") vintage port.


Shannon said...

*yaaaaawn* Templars, blah, blah. You want REAL history, get ME a copy of Magna Carta, which just sold at auction for a mere $21 million bucks. C'mon, Honey! It's all I'm asking for!


Orangeman feel free to write me. Also I have paid for but not received it yet thay are not shipping out until mid to late Feb...Gives you plenty of time to raise the cash.