Things That Make Me Go ".....Huh....???"

#423: Mike Gravel's (D - former senator of Alaska) campaign video:

What the....???

I just took WQAD's "Select a Candidate" quiz, and my views appear to be most highly aligned with those of Dennis Kucinich (57) followed by Bill Richardson (48) followed by John Edwards (45). My list was split exactly in half between democrats (top half) and republicans (bottom half), and I was really surprised to find Clinton and Obama at the bottom of my democrats half, and Guiliani at the top of my republican half - especially with his standing on the legalization of ferrets.

Looks like I'm going to have to do some serious homework for this election, but I feel relieved and vindicated in buying that Kucinich bumper sticker!

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Shannon said...

My list was: Kucinich, Dodd, Obama.