We bought our tree on Friday and were surprised to find when we got it home that it wasn't a 6-footer like we'd expected. When all was said and done it was closer to 8 & 1/2 feet.

Yes, that is the Templar shield from my Templar action figure.
Don't ever call it a "doll."

Boudicca and Umberto didn't really care about the tree - they just thought we'd bought them a really cool, pine-scenty water dish.

Bou using her new "water dish"

Umberto using his new "water dish"

A Christmas miracle! We can now fully trust Aethelred with Umberto.

'red still would really like to play, but he loveslovesLOVES!!! the ferret and is content to just watch him and chase him, knowing that if he gets too rough we'll have to separate them. Umberto is better than any toy we have ever bought for Aethelred. We just have to open a cage door and Aethelred is RIGHT THERE waiting to play.

We moved the ferret cage into the front room on Thanksgiving to minimize the "gross!!!" factor of having a ginormous ferret cage next to the cranberry sauce, and I made a comment about how nice it was to have the ferret up front where we all (cats and bipeds) tended to hang out. Since losing Donnatella and Max last year, Umberto's been all alone in that cage and I hated to think of him lonely - ferrets are such social animals. As a Thanksgiving gift to me, Shannon moved a bookcase out of the front room to make room for the ferret cage. Now 'berto can look around and see us,

and whenever he wakes up we try to let him out to stretch his furry legs.

Umberto has a thing for electronics. Here he's trying to steal Shannon's Nano. Luckily the earbuds didn't fit.

Umberto after a disagreement between us where he believed he should be given my orange sweater as a ferret bed and I, well, didn't.

We put a folded blanket on top of the ferret cage and this is where Aethelred spends the majority of his snooze time. Whenever he wakes up he pulls himself to the edge of the cage and peers in upside down to see if there's anything going on in the ferret household. If not, he goes back to sleep, usually with his paws and chin hanging over the edge.


Butternugget said...

One of my past Rabbits loved drinking from the tree water bowl but he really loved chewing all the low bark off.

This drove my dad crazy. I didn't see the harm, we didn't treat the water and you couldn't see the bark (or barkless trunk) unless you crawled under the branches. None the less he would try to chase Lars away and finally Lars bit him.

I backed Lars on that dispute.

Mu said...

Can I call YOU doll? You know, with Shannon in front of me. And me pretending to be Shannon. And wearing armor. With a running car nearby.

orangeguru said...

You have some very cool pets. ;-)