"You Know Who I Love?..."

Thank you goes out to Butternugget who introduced me to this blog.

I had a minor fit of hysterics after reading the "dialogue" between Daniel Day Lewis and Rebecca Miller inspired by this lovely suit. I almost couldn't get past his first line, it made me laugh so hard:

I'll admit, I'd wear the vest and jacket, but probably not together, along with some sleek black pants and shiny rust-colored shoes.

It's ironic to me how big his head looks in this suit. If anyone else were wearing it all you would see is PLAID (in my case, all you would see would be plaid thighs). And check out the set of his jaw. It says "I DEFY you to say a WORD about my choice of ensemble! That's right, you'd BETTER keep quiet! You do NOT want to find out what it is I have in my right pocket! We'll be going along now, but if I hear ONE SNICKER out of ANY of you, so help me I will put on the matching plaid fedora!"


Butternugget said...

I was also laughing out loud at this one, so funny.

I also really love it when they do the Britney "diary" dialog. They are two smart and sassy ladies over there at Go Fug Yourself.

Also, today's Random Fug curiously has arm warmers, but they are more like the stripper version of the ones highlighted in your blog today.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I do believe I DO suffer from olecranondular hyposanguination, aka "Really Freaking Cold Elbow Syndrome!"

I would think strippers who work in chilly "gentleman's" clubs all 'round the midwest would be very envious of my warm woollen arm warmers this time of year, but they CAN'T HAVE THEM!