Confidential to the Weather Here in Chicago

Knock it off. This uniform dull grey sky/freezing temperatures combo sucks. Nobody likes you. You're making everyone miserable, the way you're acting. I realize you must want to be alone and that's probably why you're driving everyone indoors, but it's selfish and petty and you're better than that - remember that glorious day in October? No, no, no, not the date of the marathon, that other day, the one in the seventies? That was niiiiiiiice! We would be happy with something in the forties, frankly. Oh! And stop hiding the sun behind those crappy low clouds!

All the best,


Orange Girl said...

Oh that Kitty is so cute! But not one of yours? I know snow is such a novelty to us and we were disappointed to not experience any while in DC over Christmas so I'm sorry the weather's not being nice to you :-(

OrangeMoJoJo said...

That cat looks almost exactly like my parents' cat, Klondike. He spends about half his time outdoors. The weather is also evil in that it taunts my indoor kitties with fun snow that they aren't allowed to play in.

The snow I love - it's the bitter, bitter cold that I'm having a hard time in. The exact opposite of what you're experiencing, I hear!

kellypaul said...

We don't have snow in Alabama....

Come visit your godbaby!