Photo of Mom, Grandma, and Sammy taken at Sammy's first birthday party

I can't believe you're already 2 years old! Seems like just yesterday I was taking baptism classes at the nearby church to prepare for GodMotherHood. At that time you were living like a rockstar in LA, now you're inhabiting an ivy-covered home in a southern college town.

We were so lucky to have you nearby last year so we could celebrate with you, even if you didn't leave us any cake.

That's okay, we didn't have any plates to eat it from, anyway.

I sent your gift out first thing yesterday, but in retrospect, considering the pics above and below - it probably shoulda been chocolate. I can't say I didn't have any clues as to your tastes.

I see your parents prudently deleted the late-afternoon party pics from last years' birthday when we partied 'til the wee hours of 8PM. We drank obscene amounts of ginger ale while you ordered us around by gesturing with your sloshy, juice-filled sippy cup. Then we chased eachother around in a demented version of "Hide-n-Seek." I know I would have won if I could have fit into that armoire, but you were too quick! And I can't believe I didn't see you there underneath the middle cushion of the couch.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMANTHA HOPE! I hope you had a wonderful day! We promise to come see you before the next one. We have to get in a few more games of "Demented Chase Hide'n'Seek" before you get too big!

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kellypaul said...

What a sweet Fairy Godmother! You got a post up about her birthday before her own mother did. That's the luxury that life without a two year old affords! :)