Hey-Bama! O-Bama! Bama-Bama O-Bama, Hey-Bama O-BAAAAAAAAAAAA-ma!


Oh, no.....

Since announcing his intention to run for president just under a year ago, I've had Obama's name running through my head to the tune of "Hosanna" from Weber's (only) awesome rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar, so I'm pleased to say that his campaign has officially received it's death sentence.

It's not that I have anything against Obama, I actually really like him! I just want to go back to the days where I had less religiously weighted music in my head. Like, say, Nilsson's "Coconut Song" (sung here by Ernie Kovacs' apes), or maybe even the Oompa Loompa song from the REAL Willy Wonka movie. (No disrespect to Johnny Depp, but you, sir, are no Gene Wilder, though I'm dying to see Sweeney Todd!).


Hmmmm... It is interesting that his hair is very Wilder-esque in this movie.

But I digress.

So yeah! Now maybe I'll get some peace if Kerry manages this whole "counteract Obama's charisma" thing.

I wonder if Oprah heard the "Hosanna" song in her head too, and that's what inspired her to head to Iowa in December to endorse Obama with the message "He's The One." But would you expect anything less from a woman who names her California mansion "The Promised Land?" One person's annoyingly persistent head jingle is another man's calling, I guess.


evandebacle said...

I guess the joke here is that Obama shouldn't worry because Kerry will change his position soon and endorse Edwards.

Shannon said...

You, my dear, are so very, very weird.

What if Depp AND Wilder BOTH endorsed Obama? Would that offset Kerry?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Either one alone could offset Kerry, but Depp could offset both Kerry AND Winfrey. Maybe Kerry could endorse Winfrey?