In Response to the iPod Nano....

Matsushita unveils a 150" plasma screen TV.

Seriously, do you really need to see a program where 1" = 1"?

Granted it's ultra thin. Like Always! But without the wings.

This is what I immediately think of when I hear the words "ultra thin" when describing a product.
Just goes to show you Matsushita is probably not marketing to women. That and the fact we don't really have any interest in seeing boobies at 53 times their normal size.

Oh, wait - I take that back.

Unlike Always, you can't just peel off the back and stick the Matsushita 150" plasma screen TV to the wall, but, if you had a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly big piece of heavy-weight paper (I'd recommend 50-weight cover stock for maximum stability), you could make a stand yourself like the one I just made for my iPod Touch! I made mine with orange paper, but you can use whatever color you like for your ginormous plasma TV stand. Just to warn you, that third fold is going to be a bitch if you're using a heavier weight paper than the standard letter stock I used for my Touch stand.

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