Sorry For Being So Quiet!

One thing I did not get for Christmas this year: rights to The Orange Julep Restaurant in Montreal

No, I haven't been moping. Far from it! It's just that we've moved to a new building and no more than 25 of us have been able to use the WebberNet at a time. Some kinda licensing issue that they finally sorted out late last week. I'll admit, I was one of the employees who was like "What? Turn off my insta-Gmail-WeatherBug-Messenger? Pshaw!" That was until Payroll stepped in and said they couldn't get a connection out and if we didn't clear the lines but quick payroll couldn't be processed. I imagine that Payroll had all 25 licensed "lines" available within about 2.4 seconds of sending that email.

The holidays were great, fulla reading and snoozing and visiting. First, we kidnapped The Rev and went to visit Eevam and Marc in Michigan the weekend before Christmas where we were spoiled rotten and went to Sammie's TWICE for breakfast. I actually ordered a turkey reuben on Sunday instead of my traditional "eggs'n'toast'n'taters with Tabasco on the side and a cuppa." The reuben was really surprisingly good! So were the fries. My ONLY gripe with Sammies is that it's not located in Chicago. The reasons are twofold: 1) We can't go every morning because it's two hours away (though our waistlines and arteries thank the Lord for this) and 2) though Daley has extended the Chicago border to Rosemont and Wheeling, he can't incorporate Bridgman, so smoking is still allowed in Sammie's.

I have not seen this plane flying over Palwaukee.

On Christmas morning we headed to Momster and Papa Schuetter's for more spoiling, though only for half a day. Momster had to work that night, so she was asleep by 3. I got some awesome books (including on on Boudica!), cool games, and ORANGE!!!! luggage to replace my duct-taped TJ Maxx travel bag.

My older brother, Werewolf, got me a book I THOUGHT was about me, but turns out it was some chick in Oslo who buys sacks fulla oranges:

Brother Werewolf also got me the Cambridge History of Middle English Literature, which is more comprehensive than any of the other books on Middle English I own. It's a good thing I did not own this book before starting this blog, or OrangeBlog might have been named "GeoluhreadJurnal" instead, and you gotta have alot of phlegm to pronounce that correctly.

I have to post a picture of the gift my my GodBaby and her parents got me. It is so perfect!! I'm looking for the perfect place to hang it, but am seriously drawn to the space of wall cornering this painting:

Stupid flash! The writing is way more visible in real life! And yes, I did actually pay money for this painting.

I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


Matt Stratton said...

"though Daley has extended the Chicago border to Rosemont and Wheeling, he can't incorporate Bridgman, so smoking is still allowed in Sammie's."

I thought the new ban was state-wide, not just the city?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Sammie's is in Michigan. (o: For some reason, though, I thought the smoking ban was just Chicago, probably because Daley was such a huge proponent.

Orange Girl said...

Did you read 'The Orange Girl' yet? I was browsing the library shelves the other day for a talking book to listen to in the car when driving back from a week away at my parents place by myself (6.5 hour drive) and my eye fell on the very same book! Knowing nothing about it other than the fact that you had it I grabbed it. I've just got back today from that trip having heard the whole book during the journey - probably not the type of book I'd normally read and it had me crying while driving right through the middle of one of the very small NZ towns while obeying the speed limit of 50km so there was no escaping the stares!