To Quote Tao Lin:

"Eeeee! Eee! Eeee!"

Shannon left me this morning to leave me to return home while I got down to actual work here in Oregon. No sooner did he leave than A CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY sprung up not half a block away from the hotel!!! I SWEAR it wasn't there before, but now that Shannon's not here to protect me it just appeared!


I don't know why Scientologists freak me OUT as much as they do, but they do. They really do freak me out. Some people are creeped out by germs, some by clowns, some by needles, some by Crispin Glover (some not so much) - I'm creeped out by Scientologists. Maybe it's because this guy is their poster child.

Let's just say...I don't ever want to get into an accident anywhere NEAR Tom Cruise if he thinks he's "the only one who can help" me. If the only two muscles I could move after a freak accident were my pinky finger and my left eye, and my left eye saw him coming to "help," I might just use that finger to drag the rest of my body over a cliff.

Or at least I'd try. If my pinkies are as outta shape as the rest of me, I wouldn't make a dent in the foliage.


Shannon said...

Your comments only prove that you are a PTS and SP. Fortunately you are not needed to KSW. You minion of Xenu!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I am SO relieved that I have absolutely no idea what any of that means.

ryan manning said...

the next night we ate whale