Have You Seen This Man?

(From Reuters): "The thief, who also left a lit blow torch at the scene, is expected to be badly charred, spiky haired and not exactly the brightest bulb in the socket."

Reuters was none too sympathetic with a would-be copper power cable thief who tried to steal a cable that was live with 11,000 volts running through it. The would-be-thief took off after trying to cut through the cable with a hacksaw. The hacksaw was left but the thief somehow managed to get away. Though he's expected to be badly injured, he hasn't turned up at any area hospitals.

I just love that the quote at top came directly from Reuters. In the US we focus on SENSATIONALISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I mean, have you seen CNN lately?? It's insane! You can't tell it from FOX or even MTV "News" anymore! It's embarrassing!) The British are still so quietly, beautifully, wonderfully, tongue-in-cheek-wittily, well, British!

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Shannon said...

Too, I like how they tied in the electricity theme to the light bulb metaphor. Nicely done, brits!