I got a "shout out" on Chicago Improv Associates "Zenprov" podcast #17 after I'd emailed them to thank them for helping me through my commute this winter. YAY!! Mind you, I don't mind snow, I quite like it. I don't even mind driving in it because I just accept the fact that it's going to take me longer. More time to listen to podcasts! And drink coffee! (I directly pass 5 Starbucks branches each way!) Listening to Zenprov kept me from getting too irritated in traffic, no matter what a crawl it came to. I wrote to ask them about a book they'd recommended (a book, you say?? Shocking I'd be interested in THAT!). I also thanked them for their podcasts. When an SUV cut me off, I wrote, I'd calmly pause the podcast, flip off the driver with only one expletive instead of my usual foul stream of filth, then I'd calmly resume the podcast rather than try to run down the driver and cut him/her off and drive at half-speed, as was my usual M.O.

Because I'm childish.

Thank you, Marshall Stern and Nancy Howland Walker for saving my sanity (and the lives of many SUV drivers) during this long, particularly rough Chicago winter! I really do hope you get that SC job on the cruise line so you can avoid winters like this one in the future.

I do recommend Zenprov to all improvisors of all levels. Between the Zenprov podcasts and our experience with 500 Clown Levels I and II, I've come up with an understanding and appreciation for improv far above and beyond anything I'd come close to before. It's like, after 15 years (!!!!) I FINALLY "get it." I've even come up with several exercises of my own that I can't WAIT to unleash on the Buttresses, or at the next ImprovapalooOOOOOoooozah!

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