When Food Advertisements Go Bad

The new beef ads are certainly ... eye catching. I saw the one below in Real Simple magazine and caught myself thinking, "Gee, that island off the coast there looks....tasty??"

I guess the one thing you'd bring to this island would be A-1 sauce.

Then I saw that the island was made of meat outcroppings and my stomach turned. Now, I haven't had beef or pork or lamb for almost 3 years, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the look and smell of the steak one of my committee members ordered for dinner at Stoney River; or *droooooooolllll* the smell of a BBQ. Chicken just doesn't smell as good as beef on a grill; and I still drool when I see someone cutting into a thick, juicy steak that's been cooked a perfect medium-rare.

Medium-rare cliffs however - not so tempting.

Is that a muddy river made of gravy?!?!? Oh, YUM!

And a mountain range of beefy peaks makes me think they've perfected cloning meat without the animals, and are just going NUTS by producing enough to make landscapes of massive proportions - which is just wasteful and gross on a whole 'nother level.

What, exactly, is on that "beef mountain?"
No, wait. Don't tell me.

The marketers of What's for Dinner aren't the only ones guilty of creating disturbing ads. The kid below doesn't look so much "Easter-y cute!" as "jonesing for her next hit of PIG!!! GIVE ME PIG!!! *twitch!!!* *twitch!!!*"

Though this vintage French ad for pork sausage takes the GROSSSSSS!!!!!!!! prize hooves down:

Only the lamb industry has gotten it right. The MLA has been using Sam Kekovich since 2005 to promote the Australianness of eating lamb.

Here's their 2005 ad. Enjoy!


Shannon said...

Sam makes my rants seem like nothin'. I love, love, love that clip.

Mu said...

That pig ad is really really really gross. Did I mention I ate ham almost exclusively in France? Bleh.